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  1. @samuelofc Yeah - it's a good one!
  2. Simon Sinek "People don't buy WHAT you do. They buy WHY you do it". (How great leaders inspire action) #TED #LLBS
  3. @helirajasalo Isnt that what tw & fb is for? #transparency #llbs
  4. @LenaRobinson Congrats! #llbs
  5. @matt_hodkinson @filipmatous Use lists on twitter properly and you can "have a relationship" with 15,000 not 150 ;)
  6. @LenaRobinson Have fun tonight. #llbs
  7. @markritson ...but you don't make typos in your column ;)
  8. @mikey_jackson Don't do it! #redchinos
  9. @guardiantech What's NOT to love about owning a bit of FB? Shame the SEC make it so hard to do so
  10. @BernieJMitchell What's a B list? Sounds dodgy!
  11. @gapingvoid People don't know what they want until you show them??? ;)
  12. @leorayman Don't forget your snorkel!
  13. @speedsailor I like that! I'd like to think that the social web was what Tim BL originally had in mind
  14. @100ftzombie Like-baiting! Nice :)
  15. @DigiShoreditch @endafk @playgen @m_heffernan Klout sucks, so I won't take that as a big compliment. But thanks! :)