Sky Ferreira does Italian Vogue and develops an Obsession for the CW.

Sky Ferreira’s online popularity has yet to translate into chart success (“One” debuted and peaked at #64 in the UK), but she still remains a favorite on the fashion scene, which has just scored Sky her first feature for Italian Vogue.

Vogue Italia profiled Ferreira on their website, roped her in for a beautiful new photoshoot (see above) and also squeezed out a nice interview about her life and style. She also spoke a little about her album, which is still scheduled to hit stores in January.

“It is based on different sources of inspiration: adolescence, robots, my nightmares and insecurities. Musically-wise it is influenced by Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Alice Cooper, Nancy Sinatra and obviously Prince!”

Sky’s new single “Obsession” got a proper US iTunes release on September 14, and unlike “One”, it may actually turn out to be a hit — and it’s all thanks to the CW Network. The assholes who axed the Melrose Place re-boot have selected the song as the lead single from the soundtrack to their hit show, The Vampire Diaries. A promo music video for “Obsession” has already premiered on the official CW Youtube channel, but it’s just filled with footage from the show, no Sky.

Check out the music video and Sky’s Vogue interview below.

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  • Travis

    LoveLoveLooooooove this girlll (:

  • Becca

    Sky + Vampire Diaries = Perfection

  • harvey

    Sky is so dope. . .Who gonna request Obsession.her albums out 1-11-10 in the U.S and November in the european.

  • Luis

    I love Obsession so damn much!

  • Steveroni

    I think that will be good for Sky!

    I totally forgot about Obsession! Need to put it on repeat again!

  • Luis

    Anyone know when Obsession’s video is going to be released!?

  • Dsabadmofo

    i love her. she’s so

  • Corey

    I’d love to pick her brain or step inside for a few minutes since clearly there is definitely *genuis* going on beyond the beautiful face she has (sarcasm!) Lol.. great looking girl and her song “Obsession” is playing non stop on my Ipod all the time. Patiently waiting for her record to drop in November. in the video posted she said one of her fashion icons is Brooke Shields and I totally get that connection. She gives off a Shields vibe circa 1983. (way before my time lol) but I still get where she’s coming from with that comparison. She def has the “it” thing ppl like.

  • Adam

    I still thing her image is too unclear to be the NEXT big thing. She needs to have a more defined image then messy but pretty.


    Shes pretty. I dont like her it seems like shes trying to hard