British Mac Lists

These British Mac Lists pages contain a list of dates when all the podcasts numbered 001 to 101 occured. All British Mac Icons, the software from Desert Island Applications, widgets featured in Frankenwidget, iPhone and iPod Touch applications from The Case Of The Missing Applications, and topics covered in St British Mac tutorials also have their own lists.

All of this stuff relates to the every so slightly eccentric British Mac podcasts from the quite possibly eccentric Will Green.

I've now listened pen in hand through all the podcasts which have been available. Despite this, my sanity has (just about) remained intact - although people in adjoining offices may have wondered!
Most importantly though, I've accumilated a pile of paper (which probably resembles the scribblings of a mad man) containing accurate details of all the available podcasts.

A few of the episodes weren't available from the archives - or from Will's backup files. However, following requests on the forum and in the podcast, anderson24, Alan and several others located most of the missing episodes between them. The only episode still needed was released with the file name BRITISHMAC EASTER3.
At the time of typing, a copy of this episode still hasn't been located. If anyone has one tucked away on their hard drives or within backups can they please check the old British Mac episodes needed ..... please help thread on the British Mac forum.

Suggestions for things to be included in future British Mac episodes can be made by emailing Will Green, or by joining and posting on the forum at The forum features several threads related to regular sections from the podcast, but also provides an opportunity to discuss a variety of other topics.
Archives, show notes and other objects of British Mac loveliness can be found on the British Mac website located at

With time fast approaching, and more episodes of British Mac coming along (and needing to be added to these lists), that's all for now.... good night.