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Retirement & Separation
 There are many great ideas/procedures for honoring those who have served 20+ years in the Navy. 
If you have some excellent information to add to this page, please email: Tracey Guilloty


Retirement Website Resources


Goat Locker- This site is one of the best for getting ceremony ideas and certificates!


NPC Retirement Page- This page has checklists, forms, certificates & creeds.


Flag Flying Sites- This page will provide Flag Flying Site addresses and POC's

            Ground Zero Flag Address:

            Room 302
            ATTN: SGT Morris
            241 Erie Street
            Jersey City, NJ 07310

Fleet Reserve/Retirement Submissions 



Dianna Barrerea : 882-3231

Beverly Heathman : 882-3183 



Karla Lee: 882-3247


** More info to come**


Retirement Checklists- These are a few documents to start your retirement process.



1.  Retirement Ceremony Checklist-

    The BEST! Found at


2.  Retirement Timeline Spreadsheet-

     Just add your terminal and retirement dates.


3.  Retirement/Separation Pre-Separation Checklist




It is recommended retirees attend TAP 24 months prior to retirement and again at 6 months prior


 NEW**Download DD Form 2648 (Preseparation Counseling  Checklist) here.**


Retirement Certificates 



1.  Fleet Reserve Certificate

     a. Retiree

     b. Navy Husband Retired

     c. Navy Wife Retired


2.  Letters of Appreciation

     a. Wife LOA

     b. Husband LOA

     c. Children LOA


3.  CPO Retirement Certificate


4.  Presidential Certificate Template


                                       5. Certificate of Retirement from Bupers Template

Governor Letters


Governor Letters are an easy way to honor a retiree from their home state. View a sample letter here.


    The sample letter is nice because it is generic and can be sent to one or fifty governors without being modified.





   Once the letter is completed, visit the National Governors' Association Website for updated fax numbers to send the request to.

MCPON Letter


1. Go to the NPC website click here .


2.  It will automatically set up for you to send an email. Enter in all the information.  


3. That's it!! This is an easy letter to request.


4. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery. 

SBP Information  


Deciding whether to elect SBP at retirement is a very important decision. Ensure your Sailors make educated decisions concerning SBP.




1. Defenselink SBP Overview

2. NPC- SBP Info Page3. NPC Retirement Calculator- (gives a good estimate of SBP premiums)


Sailors Declining SBP?


Ask if they have other plans to protect themselves after retirement in the area of life insurance. Some examples are Veteran's Group Life Insurance (VGLI) and Navy Mutual Life Insurance.



Need to order a DD-214?


If  a retired or separated Sailor needs to get a copy of their DD-214 due to loss, theft, fire, etc. they can go to the following government website to order the form:


The National Archives   


   Phone: 1-866-272-6272