About Andrew

Andrew Hughes is a Democrat running for U.S. Congress in Washington’s 7th District.  Andrew was raised on a 26-acre family run farm and bed & breakfast in Poulsbo,  Andrew has called Washington home all his life.  He embodies the passion and change that is necessary to create progress in our nation.

Andrew is a tax attorney, He graduated from Seattle University School of Law and received his masters in taxation (LLM) from the University of Washington Law School.  He also received a Masters in Theory & History of International Relations from the London School of Economics. A die-hard husky fan, Andrew attended the University of Washington as an undergraduate and lives with his wife and fellow Husky Heidi within minutes of campus. Andrew is also a lifetime local sports fan and will fight to bring the Sonics back to Seattle.

Andrew will fight tirelessly and use his unique expertise to fix the economic inequality, waste, and inefficiency of our tax code – redirecting revenue to the Middle Class and local small business owners. to fund education and infrastructure, to create jobs and support the people who need it most and the programs most crucial in our local communities.

Growing up working in the family business Andrew cleaned stalls, waited tables, worked in the office and staffed the kitchen. These experiences taught him the meaning of hard work and the importance of service. He continues to live by these values today as small business owner and will live by them as a member of Congress.

Our nation is at a crossroads.  Andrew Hughes will fight to ensure that we achieve equality and security for all citizens.  We face times of unprecedented wealth disparity and a  system that promotes the interests of a powerful minority.  Andrew refuses to accept this injustice and realizes that our country needs individuals who will give themselves over completely  to the fight for progress.



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