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  1. Really, @NPR? Several thousand protesting yesterday in #Chicago2012? I'm tuning in to @DemocracyNow to get the ACCURATE reporting. #NATO
  2. RT @OccupyMyCat: RT @Wendy_Bacon: Reporters who think #Occupy has faded should look at this photo of Sunday ...
  3. Thrilled to see Savoy Bakery & Casablanca Meat Market on @FoodNetwork #Star. #EastHarlem #ElBarrio in the house & lookin' good! #WEPA
  4. !Que desgracia! RT @SenSanders: In 2005, 1/4 large corporations paid no income taxes, but collected $1.1 trillion in revenue that year.
  5. Good one! @ITeachNYC, here's a candidate for you! RT @MicahKellner: @MarkWeprin @DianeRavitch would do an amazing job leading @NYCSchools.
  6. RT @JoshHarkinson: For street-level view of #noNATO march in Chicago, see livestream by the indomitable @Timcast:
  7. This is where it's at!! MT @blogdiva @allisonkilkenny: March officially kicking off #nonato
  8. .@MHPshow @AbbyDobsonsings Yes! Too often we talk AT our youth & don't LISTEN to them! Decision making needs their voices. Thanks! #nerdland
  9. Congrats @ChrisCQuinn & Kim! Your wedding ceremony was incredibly moving & reception a blast! #MarriageEquality belongs to all-#LOVE rocks!
  10. Pushing Back Against Secure Communities
  11. Brilliant!! RT @JuanMaBenitez: Dear crazy markets: why is a company with virtual friends so valuable while ...
  12. gets BETTER!! RT @DylanRatigan: RT @clusterstock: BOMBSHELL REPORT: Jamie Dimon Personally Approved The ...
  13. NICE!! MT @DylanRatigan @zerohedge: According to @WSJ Dimon knew of JPM loss at time of 5/2 Fed meeting but didn't inform his "regulator"
  14. Gracias! RT @michaeldbirch: Please #FF @MMViverito She's my NYC Councilwoman and she's one of the good guys.
  15. Stop and Frisk Updates: The Tide is Turning
  16. As we say in Spanish "?que, que?" RT @azipaybarah: Kelly says ppl in 'communities of color' want more #StopAndFrisk
  17. RT @democracynow: Vermont Becomes 1st State to Ban #Fracking; "Let Other States Be the Guinea Pigs," says ...
  18. Que triste. RT @eldiariony: Descanse en paz Donna Summer / RIP #DonnaSummer , Queen of Disco Recuérdala en #lastdance
  19. .@bradlander: #NYPD only agency that doesn't have Inspector General. City spends more by oversight thru litigation #IGNow #changethenypd