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Honest Appalachia is a secure website designed to help whistleblowers to anonymously leak documents to journalists and the public. The website hopes to serve a vital need in Appalachia, by inspiring whistleblowers to make critical information available to an informed citizenry.

In addition, Honest Appalachia hopes to serve as a replicable model for similar projects elsewhere in the United States and around the world. We are willing to offer our assistance to those working on similar projects. We believe that our model can change the way government and industry operate. We believe our model will help in the perennial effort to keep our politicians, our government agencies and our corporations honest.

Honest Appalachia was developed by a group of freelance journalists, transparency activists and computer programmers from Appalachia and beyond. It seeks to adhere to a strict journalistic ethic, maintaining objectivity and nonpartisanship in its activities.

The project is funded by a grant from the Sunlight Foundation, a government transparency watchdog based in Washington D.C, as well as by private donations. The website will launch soon at www.honestappalachia.org.

For general inquiries: honestappalachia@gmail.com

For those who wish to discuss our submission protocol or other sensitive information: honestappalachia@riseup.net

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