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October 16th, 2007

Manage Your Projects Online with ProWorkflow

Proworkflow_logoForget about those project management tools and get stright to ProWorkflow. ProWorkflow is the leading web based project management, task and time tracking solution for companies or individuals seeking for higher productivity. ProWorkflow is tailored to to perfection for getting projects, tasks and time sorted out on the go!

What makes ProWorkflow stands out?

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October 15th, 2007

Netfirms Domain Names Still World’s Cheapest for 1-Year Registration

Netfirms_logoFor years now, Netfirms still offers the lowest price for 1–year domain name registration at $4.95 with no string attached! This price applys to all .com, .net, .org, .biz and .info domains.

Besides the domain name, you will also get free email acoount ( and free WHOIS privacy to protect from identity theft plus a fast and easy management of your domain name with user-friendly Netfirms Control Panel XL6.

On top of that, you will also get a free parking page with 25MB of hosting space which allows you to do your own customization.

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October 14th, 2007

Flash Themes for SonyEricsson Phones

SonyEricsson phone users, here are some goodies for you collection flash themes for your SE phone (with Flash Lite pre-installed). Now you can have a cool flash menu for your phone.


Just a reminder here, ONLY these SE phones listed here are Flash Lite enabled. (Note: K800i does not support Flash Lite even though there are sources clamming that.)

  • K600
  • K600c
  • K600i
  • K606c
  • K606i
  • K608c
  • K608i
  • V800
  • W300i
  • W550
  • W550i
  • W600
  • W710
  • W810i
  • W850i
  • W900
  • W900i
  • Z800i

*For more information, updates and specifications, go here.

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October 13th, 2007

RapidGrab – Yet Another RapidShare Premium Link Generator


Well, this site worth a mention. converts your’s link to premium link quite fast. provides resume capability to all links, and are valid for 5 minutes. Downloads are resumable for 3 hours. You can download unlimited number of files per day but the drawback is, you can only download one file at a time (meaning one file/IP).

Besides link generator, alos provides a decent search for files hosted in,, and

Worth a try! Just paste the link in this generator below and click GRAB.

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October 12th, 2007

Easy Money with Reverse Funnel System

This post will briefly review about the Reverse Funnel System. To get an in depth information check out Reverse Funnel System Effectiveness.

What is Reverse Funnel System?

Reverse Funnel System by Ty Coughlin basically is a online money making system that requires only your time and commitment plus Internet connection to read and write emails, just that.

It is a passive income system, you can make money while you are sleeping or doing some other things.

Systems Work, People Fail… It’s That Simple!

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October 11th, 2007

LunarPages Coupons at

Lunarpages_logoLunarPages Web Hosting is one of the leading web hosting companies in this industry. LunarPages has a few web hosting packages to choose from and it also offers different coupons which provide users huge discounts off the normal hosting price.

The current promotional package is their Basic Hosting at only $6.95 per month (check the savings with coupon below).

  • $700 CoffeeCup Design Software FREE
  • 1 FREE Domain Name for Life
  • 350 Gigs Storage
  • 3500 Gigs Data Transfer
  • 24/7 Award Winning Support!
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email/FTP Accounts
  • Blog, Forum & Photo Gallery
  • Fantastico (Over 35 Scripts)
  • JSP/ASP Available
  • Spam Protection – IMAP Support
  • Microsoft® Frontpage® Compatible
  • Dreamweaver Compatible
  • Includes 10 FREE Add-on Domains
  • Ruby on Rails 6, PostGReSQL
  • MySQL 4+, PHP 4+
  • MySQL 5 & PHP 5.2+ Available!
  • Free Web Design Templates
  • Webmail (Horde and Squirrel)

This is a great deal for new webmasters and small business sites. But you will get even more savings with the LunarPages coupons.

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October 10th, 2007

Great Web Hosting from Freezone Internet

Well, first of all lets get started with a little background of Freezone Internet. Website located at

Freezone_logoFreezone Internet is a UK based Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a Web Hosting company. Freezone Internet established itself as a business-to-business provider pioneering free Internet access and web hosting throughout the UK.

OK, Freezone Internet provides professional and reliable web hosting at great values. There are absically four hosting packages; Starter, Essential, Plus, and Advanced, from home to business websites with 30 day money back guarantee with no setup fee.


If you are a home user, you might consider going for:

  • Starter package. This package comes with 50MB of space, 1GB of data transfer/month and 5 email accounts starting from £1.49 or USD $3.00. For more information can check here.
  • Essential package. This package comes with 500MB of space, 10GB of data transfer/month and up to 200 email accounts plus 1 MySQL database with online MySQL management tool, 20 subdomains as well as free traffic statistics. This package starts from £3.99 or USD $8.10. For more information can check here.

Starter and Essential packages include FREE a free domain name and FREE email support.

For business users, they can choose from these two packages:

  • Plus package. This package comes with 2GB of space, 20GB of data transfer/month and 700 email accounts, 2 MySQL database with online MySQL management tool, 250 subdomains as well as free traffic statistics. starting from £6.99 or USD $14.30. For more information go here.
  • Advanced package. This package comes with 10GB of space, 50GB of data transfer/month and up to 1500 email accounts plus 5 MySQL database with online MySQL management tool, unlimited subdomains, free traffic statistics as well as backup facility. This package starts from £14.99 or USD $30.60. For more information can check here.

Plus and Advanced packages include FREE a free domain name, FREE email support plus FREE business phone support.

Besides web hosting, Freezone Internet also provides services like domain name registration, Ecommerce, Internet markerting and web design.

Note: This is a Sponsored Review.

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October 8th, 2007

Ig Nobel Prize 2007 Winners

Ig Nobel PrizesHere is a list of 2007 winners of Ig Nobel Prizes. The Ig Nobel Prizes are a parody of the Nobel Prizes and are given each year in early October — around the time the recipients of the genuine Nobel Prizes are announced. The Ig Nobel Prizes were created by the Annals of Improbable Research (AIR), a science magazine.

The Winners:

Medicine – Brian Witcombe, of Gloucestershire Royal NHS Foundation Trust, UK, and Dan Meyer for their probing work on the health consequences of swallowing a sword.

Physics – A US-Chile team who ironed out the problem of how sheets become wrinkled.

Biology – Dr Johanna van Bronswijk of the Netherlands for carrying out a creepy crawly census of all of the mites, insects, spiders, ferns and fungi that share our beds.


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October 6th, 2007

Quibblo – One World, Many Answers

Quibblo_logo_smAs the Quibblo name sounds, it has to do with quizzes, and yup it is but not just quizzes.

Quibblo allows users to create and take quizzes, polls, surveys & personality tests via a fun interface. Users can easily create and post quizzes to your own blog, MySpace or Facebook page. Quibblo also offers several social networking and social media functions, such as friends, favorites, tagging, comments, sharing and RSS.

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September 30th, 2007

How-to: Update Your Kaspersky Product Manually


OK, if you had trouble updating your Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 or Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 automitically, here is the work around, which are done manually with just a few extra steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Download av-i386&
    *Note: av-i386& is for both Anti-Virus and Internet Security.
  3. Follow the steps below the page and that’s all.


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