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  1. @DJSoundBite Hilarious. You are a strange and talented young man.
  2. Just found this great album of scary lounge music by @david_lynch and @chrysta_bell (via @bcstaffpicks).… #lynchian
  3. @tomgreeves There’s a chance Hitler made all his wartime heroics up:…
  4. @tomgreeves Deal.
  5. @tomgreeves Makes me feel less unhealthy staring at a screen all day. And good for baby-carrying. ;)
  6. @tomgreeves Good advice. Thanks. I’ll bear that in mind. ;)
  7. @dubber Yes.
  8. Somehow @budge is making me do actual press-ups. I am both shocked and stunned. And my shoulders hurt.
  9. You, Me, Technology, Music Discovery, The Future of Criticism and Everyone We Know - @seaninsound: A great...
  10. @MonkeyBasket Very jealous. Not of the lifting, just the Hammond. ;)
  11. Ha! Excellent. I suppose you have to start somewhere. It’ll be gap year time before you know it...
  12. @shangri_lala Oh man, that must be a strange feeling… Distract yourself with sunshine. And wine. ;)
  13. @violasong Thanks for Hibari. It’s been quietly improving my life for a couple of months now. ;)
  14. @nickfuckinggill Who are you?
  15. @MikeGPMonaghan Genius. That’s your million-dollar scheme right there. Comedy Restaurant Namer. Maybe hairdressers too.
  16. @gasmanic @nickfuckinggill Exactly. He Lit Maggots, that sort of thing.
  17. Anyone seen a list of band names that are like “[personal pronoun] [verb] [plural noun (animal)]”? And has anyone made a generator yet?