vilcus plug it in a visit to the peliculatorium vol. 31

here is another joyous visit to the peliculatorium.  these videos all have the idea of ‘connection’ in common.  lately we have noticed that some people act as extension cords connecting two people together, some people act as power strips that can hold a bunch of people connected to the same outlet as well as keeping them safe in case of a shortage or electrical storm and some people are sockets that don’t work anymore…which one are you?  which kind would you like to be?  or are you just a plug that finds any socket it can to grab power from without sharing your connection with others?

Connection from Tony Prescott on Vimeo.

Director Tony Prescott
DOP Trevor King
Boy Nick Robinson
Girl Meg Williams

Prize winner in the Samsung LED Launch Competition

Connection is a romantic little tale about two strangers, a Guy and a Girl subconsciously linked as they sleepwalk around the city.

As Guy and Girl slink about in their PJ’s (with a few well-crafted accessories), sharing parallel experiences, drawn to each other, they finally come face to face in the park.

Sharing a moment, the two move in on each other, only to clash causing them to wake up from their sleep and realise where they are, what they are wearing and more to the point wondering who is this person in front of them?

This short film uses the technique of stop motion and pixelation, meaning it was shot using a sequence of still images that allowed me to create a stilted movement building upon the dreamy tone for this project.

I guess my rationale for this film in relation to the four pillars of Samsung’s LED is that we are all inexplicably connected, but sometimes we need a little bit of help getting it started.

Connection from Áskell Fannar Bjarnason on Vimeo.

Connection a small 3d animated movie made by me in the Icelandic Multimedia school.

Connection from pcla_pc on Vimeo.

Stop motion
edit: AE, IS
Group: Paula, Michael

Connect from Emir Alp on Vimeo.

CONNECT from kiwie on Vimeo.

Video editing : KIWIE
Project for ZNAK agency.

connect from rossie on Vimeo.

just for fun

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