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Our Review

There's joy mixed with sadness as we announce the release of Wishing for This, the new Christmas EP release from Leigh Nash, formerly of Sixpence None the Richer. Joy because this is a beautiful Christmas card from a great young singer, but sadness because the release itself portends the demise of the CD, as Wishing for This will be released initially as "download only" from iTunes. Thus, the death of the CD has been brought to our door. Alas, poor CD. I knew him, Horatio.

But be that as it may, I will have the pleasure of listening to Nash's warm vocals as I warm myself by the fire. For an EP, this release is loaded with memorable tunes. For openers, there's that old chestnut Baby It's Cold Outside, on which Nash makes her own indelible mark. Her duet with Gabe Dixon is a wonderful pop remake of an easy listening favorite. Another cool cover is Nash's version of Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas.

Sixpence and Leigh Nash fans will want to download the title track Wishing For This. I liked this song well enough, but I liked Eternal Gifts, a song by Kate York, even better. I also appreciated Nash's version of Maybe This Christmas, the namesake for an entire series of Nettwerk holiday compilations.

I had already declared 2006 a stallar year for new Christmas recordings. With the release of Wishing For This, Leigh Nash makes this claim all the truthier.

I'm here to tell you there's a CD, because they sent us one. Ha! Perhaps they will release it later, but in the meantime, the rest of you regular fan type people may begin downloading these tracks from iTunes, starting November 14. Whee!

--Richard Banks
(Reviewed in 2006)


From the promotional materials:

October 30, 2006 - Leigh Nash's enchanting voice offers a peaceful escape from the holiday rush with the release of her first holiday EP entitled Wishing for This, available digitally November 14th on iTunes and other DSPs.

Produced by Mark Nash and Nate Blackstone, Wishing for This is a 7-song EP composed of traditional clasics like O Holy Night, contemporary songs such as George Michael's Last Christmas and her original Christmas-inspired tune, Wishing For This. Highlights include Leigh's tribute to one of her idols, Dolly Parton, with a sweet rendition of Hard Candy Christmas and a jazzy take on the holiday favorite Baby It's Cold Outside, featuring Gabe Dixon.

From the artist's Web site:

Get ready to get into the holiday spirit with Leigh's forthcoming Christmas EP Wishing For This will be released on November 14th in digital format only. Make sure you remember to get your copy for all your holiday music needs.

Leigh Nash

Wishing for This
(download only EP)

Summary: Some cool covers and a nice original

Wishing for This (download only EP)

Artist link

Label: Nettwerk
Length: 24 minutes
Genre: Pop
Release: 2006

Track List

Song Title
Baby It's Cold Outside
Maybe This Christmas
Last Christmas
O Holy Night
Hard Candy Christmas
Eternal Gifts
Wishing For This

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