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April 2012
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A Story About Scentura Creations' Founder, Larry Hahn.


Larry Hahn grew up average... an average town, an average upbringing, an average talent, an average student. He never gained much education or experience, and certainly wasn't the type that you'd predict would one day become one of the largest wholesale fragrance distributors in the world...

An overview of Larry Hahn's story, career, and philosophy.


Larry founded Scentura Creations in 1975 based on this simple concept, and it has turned his dreams of success into reality. He believes that, "The key to success in this business is to pass the opportunity on to other people!"

Letters To Larry From Those Who Have Found Success With The Scentura Creations Opportunity.


36 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, Larry Hahn established a unique concept that provided an opportunity for people to be in business for themselves. This page is a forum for people to share their experience and express their thanks to Larry for providing such an amazing opportunity.

Product reviews for the Observe' L'Essence Fragrance-line.


For 25 years, Scentura Creations has specialized in the newest trends in popular fragrances for men and women. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!

The Latest Standings for New Owners.


A tribute to the people that own their own business selling Scentura Creations' line of Observe' L'Essence fragrances. Pay close attention to this one for Rising Stars!

Scentura Creations' Homepage.


Scentura's homepage is the best place for information about Scentura Creations. You can read company history, testimonials, learn more about the product, and even read a special message from Larry Hahn.

A Regularly Published Blog About Scentura Creations.


Latest news, pictures from company events, inspiring quotes, motivating videos, and much more is what you'll find at Scentura's blog. Definitely bookmark this one and check back regularly.

General Information On Scentura And It's Founder.


For over 35 years, Scentura Creations has given countless individuals a chance to be the boss. Since its inception, Scentura has emerged into a multi-million dollar company that distributes perfume to independent business owners on an international level.

More Information About The Scentura Creations Opportunity.


More than 35 years ago, Scentura's Founder Larry Hahn started a business that would allow the average person an above average opportunity to achieve success...

More Information About The Scentura Creations Produce-line: Observe' L'Essence.


More than 35 years ago, Scentura's Founder Larry Hahn started a business that would allow the average person an above average opportunity to achieve success...

An Objective Look At Scentura Creations.


This page was developed by advocates for the truth regarding Scentura Creations. The information documented on this site has been researched thoroughly and is intended to provide a basic understanding of their business model.

Stories of those who have taken full advantage of the Scentura Creations Opportunity.


More than 100 people have made over a million dollars as Independent Business owners selling the Observe' L'Essence product line. This page showcases just a few of the many success stories.

Get to know Scentura's ever-popular fragrance-line: Observe' L'Essence.


Since consolidating it's product line in 1986 to include only perfume, Scentura has spared no expense and has gone to any length necessary to bring you the highest quality perfume at a fraction of retail cost.

Take a look inside what some are calling the "Scentura Perfume Scam."


If you've done any research online regarding Scentura Creations, you've no doubt found plenty of negative press on complaint boards such as,, and among others. This page will help separate fact from fiction.

Read consumer reviews about Scentura Creations.


Find out what people are saying about Scentura Creations.
Read consumer reviews, or submit your own!

An Insider's View Of Scentura Creations


Due to the irresponsible comments of few, hardworking business owners across the country that sell Scentura Creations' products are feeling the effects of unfair negative press proclaiming "Scentura Scam!"

A tribute to Larry Hahn from those who have enjoyed success with the Scentura Creations opportunity.


In 1975, Larry Hahn started a unique business called Scentura Creations. This website is a tribute to Larry Hahn from all of those who have found success with the Scentura Creations Opportunity.

Shedding Light On The Truth Behind The Lies


Learn the truth about Scentura Creations and don't let false information cheat you out of your opportunity.

A Guide To Understanding Scentura Creations' Winning Formula For Success


This site is a great explanation of the Scentura Creations Opportunity from start to finish. It walks you through all facets of the company step-by-step, and is easily understandable to anyone looking to gain a complete overview of Scentura.

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*The relationships between Scentura Creations and the persons listed on this site are that of customer / supplier, and Scentura Creations does not dictate their business practices.

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Scentura Creations is a leading provider of high-quality rendition fragrance products to Independent Distributors worldwide. Scentura Creations' Perfume products are trademarked under the name Observe' L'Essence. The founder of Scentura Creations is Larry Hahn. Scentura Creations is based out of Atlanta, GA 30341. The purpose of this website is to provide information about Larry Hahn, Scentura Creations', the Observe' L'Essence trademark, and the Scentura Creations Opportunity.

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