Seattle’s vintage streetcar line deserves to live
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A word from the blog host

Why is this blog here? Why is it being hosted at As a longtime fan of Seattle’s waterfront streetcar, it frustrated me that it had to be mothballed because the Seattle Art Museum didn’t want the streetcar’s maintenance barn to “sully” their vision of the sculpture park. And it’s broken my heart that the streetcar hasn’t returned as promised, the city appears to have no interest in bringing it back, and now the Mayor says it will never return and the planned 1st Avenue streetcar will “serve that corridor.” But the First Avenue route will not do a good job of serving the Waterfront, particularly in the northern part where there is a large difference in elevation between First Avenue and Alaskan Way, and it will not bring tourists to the waterfront area the way the Waterfront Streetcar did. The streetcar was a tourist draw and a symbol of Seattle in itself — and as a fringe benefit, many locals were able to use it either for commuting to area businesses, or going to lunch or dinner on the waterfront.

It seems to me that the streetcar was pretty universally loved by Seattleites and tourists, and that, with a little effort, there could be a groundswell of support to bring it back. So when someone (serial catowner) was saying on Seattle Transit Blog the other day that there should be a blog to keep the streetcar’s memory alive and organize supporters, I thought “well, there’s something I can do to help. I can host that blog.” So here it is.

We welcome posts from any and all supporters of the Streetcar. Please spread the word, and if you would like to post an article here, please let me know. You can email me at litlnemo at slumberland dot org.

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