Seattle’s vintage streetcar line deserves to live
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The ‘Elevator Pitch’ For A Waterfront Streetcar

Say you got the chance to give a short pitch, in an elevator perhaps, to a public person, about the Waterfront Streetcar. You might say something like this-

“The Waterfront is long and narrow, like the Waterfront. The line would cross other major travel routes with large numbers of foot passengers, and pass parks, the Aquarium, numerous private businesses, housing, and employers. The long narrow waterfront simply doesn’t have enough room to accommodate cars, while streetcars are easily expanded into trains to handle crowds at public events. It’s the best transportation option we have for people to reach, or leave, the waterfront.”

Or you might say something different. Whatever it would be, boil it down, and keep it handy in your mind, so you can express an opinion succinctly and confidently.

Your listeners will thank you.


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