Seattle’s vintage streetcar line deserves to live
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Dreams Are Important

Dreams are important to understanding where you might want to go, and nightmares are important for understanding were you don’t want to go. Believe it, others are dreaming too, and, on the waterfront, watching for chances to make their dreams reality.

Dan Bertolet and his ilk focus on the park, as a vulnerable target they can attack, and indeed, that poor little ten-acre park resembles nothing so much as a deer staked out, for road builders and property owners to quarrel over and devour.

The waterfront, from Pier 91 to Washington Street, is much larger than the proposed park, and contains many properties that have, over time, become functionally obsolete. Other properties, by the viaduct, were frozen in time by the building of the viaduct, and may be valuable in restoring the torn fabric of walkable urbanity. Without careful inventory, dreaming, and planning, much may be lost, replaced with ad hoc development.

Try to develop a holistic view of the waterfront with a proper streetcar and then, when you have the chance, visit and inspect what is there today.

This will give a juster appreciation of what could be done, what should be done, and just how quickly it will be done.

The world will always be full of surprises, but they don’t all need to be bad ones.


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