Seattle’s vintage streetcar line deserves to live
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If You Can’t Go There, Come Here

This would be a wonderful time to take the ferry into Colman Dock and board the Streetcar for a visit to Pioneer Square or a venture out to the north end of the line. Unfortunately, the ‘leadership’ of Seattle has failed to support this activity, so you can’t do it.

Consequently, West Sounders have been forced to make their own fun, and as a result, you can board the ferry at Colman Dock and travel to Bremerton and Winslow, on Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island (to accommodate the various preferences for naming the islanders have adopted).

In Bremerton you’ll find a waterfront esplanade, with an historic ship at the east end, and at the west end, sculpture park upon sculpture park. In between it’s all scrumptious goodness with coffee shops, ice cream, and a restaurant. Bainbridge has a beautiful park by the water, coffee and food, and some smart walkable housing within a short walk of the ferry. Like kids, suburbs can grow up to become smart young cities.

No, you’ll find no streetcars here, but it is car-free entertainment and it’s summer. What more excuse do you need?


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