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Posted on: Tue 08 May 2012

Cardiff City Football Club can confirm that following positive negotiations and in the best interests of all concerned, an agreement has been reached to allow Cardiff Blues to terminate their lease at Cardiff City Stadium on 1 June 2012.

This will see Cardiff Blues' move back to Cardiff Arms Park over the summer in readiness for the 2012/13 football season, and will allow significant branding to take place at Cardiff City Stadium during the same time as it now becomes home solely to the football club.


Of the agreement, Cardiff City Chief Executive Alan Whiteley said, "This is a decision that will allow Cardiff City Football Club to take positive steps forward in terms of celebrating the stadium as the sole home of the football club, while also assisting Cardiff Blues to maintain their future stability.

"It's with the full support of our Malaysian investors that this agreement could be reached and facilitated. Satisfactory financial terms have been reached with the Cardiff Blues to allow their exit, which coupled with the Premier League aspirations of this football club and a need therefore to be in sole control of our stadium, makes this a good solution for both sides. It also provides the ability and impetus for us to fully brand Cardiff City Stadium, celebrating our history and heritage across concourses and other supporter areas, which I am sure all our fans will welcome and embrace.

"We wish Cardiff Blues every success back at the Arms Park and thank them for their openness during negotiations. The agreement will still provide the Blues with the opportunity to play occasional higher profile games at the stadium in consultation with Cardiff City Football Club. We now turn our focus to a comprehensive review of all football club operations, as is the case every close season, from which we can look forward to the new season with renewed confidence."

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