Lancelot & Harlem Bravado entered into the ROH ring after putting in their time at the ROH Wrestling Academy under the guidance of Delirious.  When they first made their debuts, the brothers seemed like good kids from Draper, NC just looking for their chance to make an impression and willing to work as hard as possible for that shot.  They even made it into the second round of the “Tag Wars 2010” tournament, but over time the cracks in their personality began to show…

The first time was in Toronto at “Fate of an Angel II” when the Bravados battled Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly; to say that the Ontario fans hated Lancelot & Harlem would be an understatement, but instead of taking it in stride, the “good kids” lashed out at the fans in turn.  Then, prior to facing Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, the boys were as disingenuous as possible in their praise of Haas & Benjamin’s accolades, and then at “Only The Strong Survive” their true colors really came out as the boys cheated to beat Future Shock.  Since that day, Lancelot & Harlem have had varying degrees of success but continue to insist they are the future of Ring of Honor & that everyone should hop on the “Bravado Bandwagon” as it takes ROH into the future.  Only time will tell if the brothers Bravado can make good on their claims.

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209.00 lbs
Draper, NC