Below is a list of known HME apps you can download and run locally on your computer.

These are 3rd party apps and not written by nor supported by

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AudioFaucet by DigitalDroplet
Added: Nov 16, 2006
Whether your music is organized in iTunes or in a folder somewhere on your hard drive, AudioFaucet is ready to serve it up to your TiVo! With full iTunes integration on both the Windows and Mac OS X platforms, AudioFaucet is designed from the ground up to be the most elegant and enjoyable method for bringing your music into the living room.
Flickr Central by Major Clanger
Added: Nov 16, 2006
"Flickr Central" is an award winning application for the TiVo which can display Flickr pictures on your TV.
Galleon by Leon Nicholls
Added: Nov 16, 2006
Galleon is a free open source media server for the TiVo® DVR which allows you to enjoy many kinds of content and interactive applications right on your TV. The server runs on your home computer and organizes your media collection so that they can be viewed on your home network. Galleon also brings Internet content and applications to your TV.
Harmonium by Charles Perry
Added: Jul 24, 2008
Harmonium is a free music player that streams music from your PC to your network enabled TiVo DVR. Harmonium allows its users to enjoy their digital music collection in the comfort of their family room while taking advantage of the sound quality offered by their home theater.
HME Quick Start by TiVo
Added: Nov 16, 2006
Sample apps from TiVo.
Hme Satellite Radio by Adam Watkins
Added: Feb 16, 2007
This uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability to allow you to control/view/PLAY your Xm Satellite Radio (TM) XMPCR or XM Direct (with proper cable) from your Tivo. It also has the ability to control/view/play Xm Radio Online from your Tivo.
HmeYme by Adam Watkins
Added: Feb 16, 2007
Control your Yahoo Music Engine from your Tivo. It uses the Tivo (TM) SDK HME capability along with YmeSocket (a Yahoo Music Engine plugin which allows you to control it via socket commands) to allow you to control/view/play whatever is in My Music or ALL of Yahoo Unlimited
Movie Rentals TiVo Plugin by s2kdave
Added: Mar 06, 2007
A TiVo plugin to manage your online movie rental queue. Blockbuster Online is currently supported. It uses HME to provide the TiVo interface and can either run standalone or as a plugin to Galleon.
MovieLoader by gfb107
Added: Feb 16, 2007
MovieLoader is a simple HME app to allow you to initiate mfs_ftp transfers of TiVo compatible (.ty, .tmf, and .ty+ ) files from your PC or FTP server(s) to your TiVo directly from the TiVo UI, using your remote. The FTP server could be another mfs_ftp enabled TiVo.
Skexr for TiVo by Bastin Labs
Added: Feb 14, 2007
A web application for use with TiVo® Series2™ DVR hardware to allow instant messenger friends to share recording lists, home videos, and contact details via the native TiVo® television menu.
Stock Viewer for TiVo by
Added: Nov 16, 2006
This application provides an easy way to keep an eye on your stocks, mutual funds, and market indices, all from your TiVo! The application comes with a little configuration utility that will let you enter one or more lists of ticker symbols (along with an optional number of shares, if you also want to track dollar value). Once your lists are entered, you can view your lists, updated regularly, from your TiVo. You can also \"drill down\" on a stock to see a more detailed screen, showing a graph and a bunch more detailed information.
TiVo NetFlix RSS Reader by
Added: Nov 16, 2006
If you are a NetFlix user, you probably have wanted to be able to take a look at your NetFlix account directly from your TV. This application allows you to do just that. NetFlix provides a lot of your account information in \"RSS\" format, which can easily be translated into screen you can view from your TiVo.
TiVo TrafficCam Viewer by
Added: Nov 16, 2006
Many areas of the country now have road cameras or traffic cameras covering their most problematic traffic areas. This application is designed to let you choose and save a list of the cameras you\'re interested in, and quickly view them from your TiVo before you leave for work.
TivoSlimserverClient by Edmond Cho
Added: Nov 16, 2006
TivoSlimserverClient is a software application that turns your network-enabled Tivo Series2 DVR into a streaming audio client for SlimServer.
TVHarmony by
Added: Nov 25, 2006
TVHarmony AutoPilot makes the process of downloading and converting video a snap. Through a simple user interface, you can tell AutoPilot what shows or internet videos you are interested in, and AutoPilot will do the heavy lifting during the night of downloading and converting it into the right format for your video viewing device (e.g. Apple iPod®, PSP). AutoPilot is the perfect companion to TiVo® and TivoToGo™.
Unbox On Demand by
Added: Mar 28, 2007
Just install this TiVo Home Media Engine application on your home computer and you'll be able to browse and order downloadable videos from Amazon Unbox from your TV.

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