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    PG University Arcade DDR SN2 Tourney Recap

    To celebrate the opening of the new and improved PG University Arcade, organized an informal DDR SN2 Tourney that brought out DDR enthusiasts from the Seattle area to compete and have a good time hanging out with other community members. They came, they danced and in the end a winner was crowned, but the main focus was having fun playing DDR. Pink Gorilla would like to thank all those who came out and had a goodtime competing in the tournament or even just watching the festivities.

    After almost a staggering 7 hours, the tourney came to a close and the winner walked off with $14 in cash, a Pinky G plushie, a PG poster and a $25 Pink Gorilla Gift Certificate as well as knowing that all the practice had paid off. Hit the jump for a recap with pics and video from the event!

    The DDR SN2 Tourney started off with 14 people entering for a chance to win the assembled prize package and play some games of DDR. Take a peek at some pics from the event:

    The crowd watches as the game after game is played.

    Kevin K (Keby) celebrates his win by holding his prizes high in the air!

    Kevin (Keby) shakes hands with Angelo congradulating him on a second place finish.

    The crowd looks on anxiously as the competition heats up!

    The completed tournement bracket, posted on the DDR Community Board.

    DDR Extreme in the front of the store got a lot of play as gamers waiting to compete stayed in shape by practicing.

    Check out a quick video showing the packed store durring the tourney!

    PG would like to thank all those who came out and give a special shout out to Laura for running the show and getting the word out about the tourney. Thanks to Jonathon from for making the awesome flyer!

    Stay tuned for more info on future tourney's at PG Arcade, here on the PG Blog!

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    I had an awesome time at this tournament, I hope to see many more like it!

    Also, you guys should get some NES/SNES/Genesis kiosk in your store so people can play some of those old games before they buy.

    Posted by: Scott | March 2, 2010 10:53 AM

    Thanks Pink Gorilla for letting PNWBemani run a tournament! The community really likes the new location, and the support we have from you guys!

    We have some additional videos linked in our discussion thread about the tournament.

    Posted by: Jonathan (BLueSS) | March 2, 2010 11:06 AM

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