News: DLC for Several 3DS Titles Confirmed

Posted by Ashley Jones - Apr 21st 2012 10:42

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter 3G and Fire Emblem Awakening are all getting downloadable content.

Three of the biggest Nintendo 3DS games will be getting downloadable content this month in Japan. New characters will be added to Fire Emblem Awakening, more songs will be added to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Monster Hunter 3G players will be able to download new challenges.

Nintendo will release its first paid downloadable content on April 26th in Japan as two beloved Fire Emblem characters will be made available to Japanese gamers. Roy and Leaf will be downloadable for 250 and 350 respectively and come with accompanying scenarios. These two characters join the free downloadable Marth who is currently available through to the end of May.

Square-Enix will offer gamers the chance to download four new songs for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy from April 22nd. The songs are Those Who Fight Further from Final Fantasy VII, Normal Battle from Final Fantasy X, Battle Theme from Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIII's March of the Dreadnoughts.

Additionally Japanese gamers can now download two extra challenges for Monster Hunter 3G from today.

As none of these games have yet to be released in Europe there is no confirmation whether these downloadable extras will be available.

Source: Andriasang


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