Although still respectively a player and a coach, Justine Henin and Carlos Rodriguez wanted to prolong their collaboration. In this way, after many years of work and reflection, the Academy 6th Sense was born in May 2007.


Through it, Justine and Carlos want to bring a series of concepts to life which they developed and experienced themselves throughout their long association. They are also hoping to transmit and pass on the values unique to sports training.  Their desire is to pass on their concepts and approach of high quality sports education. 

In order to meet this goal, they are assisted by a team of highly motivated trainers who share their quality standards, their vision and their core values.



The essential mission of the Academy is to support, guide and help players to develop regardless of their age, level or plans. Passionate about tennis from a young age, Justine and Carlos also hope to transfer their love of the game. The level and ambitions of each person are unimportant, the 6th Sense holds to the notion that enjoyment on the court must be present. 

The philosophy of the 6th Sense Academy is based on the motto that performance can only be achieved if it is not pursued as a goal in itself. The results of any activity are essentially dependent on a mindset.

This mindset is based on bringing out the best out of any player in any circumstances, whether practicing or during a competition. This way of living will naturally diffuse to all daily activities well beyond the tennis courts.

In order to reach the best of his own resources, each individual must spend his energy on what he masters most. Results, however, remain unpredictable. The only manageable parameter of performance is the aptitude to deliver his best effort on the D-Day. 


The entire staff of the Academy adheres to this vision and will focus their efforts on bringing the players to their best aptitude physically, technically and mentally.

The mission statement of the Academy is to guide and support each player depending on their age, their level and most importantly their own projects.