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Charitable Donations

During the year, Guildhall receives a large number of requests for art contributions for fund-raisers. We seek to honor as many of those requests as possible. If your organization would like to contact Guildhall for such a donation, the following guidelines are provided:

  1. Your organization must submit its name, address, telephone number and contact person. Your 501(C)3 identification number must be included.
  2. Provide a brief description of the nature of the fund-raising event.
  3. The retail price of our contribution can be up to $150.
  4. The prints are shipped flat in a collector's sleeve by UPS. The certificate of authenticity is included. Information on the print is available to help during the sale. The prints are unframed and not shrink wrapped. There is a minimal charge for shipping and handling (depending on the destination).
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