Footpad hyperkeratosis

Reasearch programe on Footpad hyperkeratosis in Dogue de Bordeaux

Footpad hyperkeratosis (usually called KNP) is a genetic disease that affects Dogue de Bordeaux and certainly Irish terrier.

Almost 1% of Dogue de Bordeaux population could be affected by the disease. the spread may quickly increase because of a fashionably breed.

KNP is characterized by a hyperkeratosis of footpads (usually on the four paws) and sometimes of the nose.

ANTAGENE and its collaborators began to develop a research programme to propose a genetic testing.
For this research ANTAGENE collaborators are :
  • La Société des Amateurs des Dogues de Bordeaux (Dogue de Bordeaux french )Kennel Club
  • Drs Eric GUAGUERE et Emmanuel BENSIGNOR
  • Dr Catherine ANDRE from CNRS de Rennes

To support the KNP research programme, it requires blood sample  in order to extract DNA with high quantity and quality, clinical details and Pedigree on dogs which integrate the programme.

The active participation of breeders, veterinaries is important to advance researches. If you wish to help research, please contact Mrs Sylviane TOMPOUSKY from French Kennel Club or ANTAGENE.

Datasheets to download and fill for each sample :

clinical datasheet for KNP.pdf 80.57 KB 22.04.2008
sampling certificate.pdf 167.16 KB 11.12.2008

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