EC unveils blacklist as Indonesia, Angola consider reprisals

The European Commission on Wednesday published the fourth update of its "blacklist" of airlines banned from operating in the EU.

The list, which takes effect today, now includes all 51 carriers certified in Indonesia, Angolan flag carrier TAAG Angola Airlines and Ukrainian cargo operator Volare Aviation Enterprise.

In addition, 10 airlines from Russia, six from Bulgaria and eight from Moldova must cease or limit operations in the EU because of preventive safety measures adopted by their respective national civil aviation authorities in consultation with the EC. Four Russian passenger carriers--Kuban Airlines, Yakutia Airlines, Red Wings and Kavminvodyavia--have been denied all EU access.

Restrictions previously imposed on Pakistan International Airlines have been modified and it now is allowed to fly to the EU with specific 747 and A310 aircraft in addition to the already-authorized 777 fleet (ATWOnline, March 6).

Both Indonesia (ATWOnline, July 3) and Angola (ATWOnline, June 29) were angered by the ban. The Indonesian government yesterday announced it is considering possible retaliation. "We regret their decision as the EU never gave us a chance for a dialogue. The President [Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono] has asked me to look for ways to fairly retaliate against them," Transportation Minister Jusman Syafei Djamal said in a statement cited by Reuters. At present, no Indonesian carriers fly to the EU although Garuda Indonesia planned to reintroduce Amsterdam service next year. The US FAA downgraded Indonesia's safety rating in the spring (ATWOnline, April 18).

Meanwhile, Angola rescinded British Airways' traffic rights after UK authorities informed TAAG that it would not be allowed to fly there. TAAG was scheduled to begin passenger service to London Gatwick this month. According to press reports, Angola is considering prohibiting other European carriers--both Air France and TAP Portugal fly to Luanda--from operating into Angola.

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