About Jen-Hsun Huang

Jen-Hsun Huang
MS ’92 Electrical Engineering
Co-Founder and CEO, NVIDIA Corporation

Jen-Hsun Huang Has Always Followed His Heart.

Born in Taipei, he moved at age six with his family to Bangkok and came to the U.S. at age ten because his parents, Sidney and Maria, wanted to provide him the opportunities that America afforded. He developed an early passion for table tennis, becoming a nationally ranked junior player. In high school, he joined the computer club and discovered the magic of computers while playing games. His fascination led him to study computer science and chip design while an undergraduate at Oregon State University. As a freshman, he was serendipitously teamed with Lori Mills in the electrical engineering fundamentals lab. Lori and Jen-Hsun married five years later.

As a child Jen-Hsun was shy and introverted. He credits a summer and weekend job at a Denny’s restaurant with teaching him interpersonal skills. He moved to Silicon Valley after graduation and worked at AMD and then LSI Logic. While pursuing his career and raising two young children, he enrolled part-time in Stanford’s graduate engineering program where he found inspiration, particularly in the lectures of Professor (and future Stanford President) John Hennessy.

At Stanford, said Jen-Hsun, “I fell in love with computer design.”

Shortly after receiving his master’s degree, Jen-Hsun invested his drive and passion in co-founding NVIDIA with Chris Malachowsky and Curtis Priem. The company has since become the world leader in visual computing. Through its development of the graphics processing unit, or GPU, NVIDIA has brought the power of parallel processing to devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to workstations and supercomputers.

In 2008, Jen-Hsun saw an opportunity to give back to Stanford by helping to educate the next generation of engineers, through the development and naming of this building. He hopes that, here, future students will find not only their own passions but the inspiration to pursue them.

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