Saturday, 26 November 2011

Group Discussion Tips - Simple but Effective

Tips on facing Group Discussion

Most of the job aspirants do well In written exams, but when it comes to GD discussions they fail. They do not understand why they are not able to attract recruiters though they are participating long enough in the them. Being distressed they just give up applying for jobs which select candidates through group discussion. But experts say this is not the right way to deal. Every problem has a solution.

While participating in group discussion keep these things in mind to shoot out your fear and attract recruiters.

Topic:- It is not mandatory the topic should be company or job related. Any topic could be given. To know your understanding about the society they just give you a topic such as environment, female reservations, corruption, Indo-Pak relations or anything. You should have minimum knowledge about the topic. Regular reading of newspapers and having definite opinions on circumstances and contemporary issues will help you tremendously to face this.

Analyse:- Topic is ready, now you have to talk. Never think the first talker will be recognized. If u want to be recognized your talk or discussion should be based on facts and data. Do not use the words ‘may be’ ‘they say’ or something like that. Keep balance in delicate matters. Analyze positive and negative elements of the issue and reveal your opinions in the last and mention it’s just your opinion. If u have little knowledge about the topic then let the other fellows talk first and you start after understanding enough the matter.

Be Cool:- Way of expressing your opinions is very important. If anyone crosses you, just listen do not argue. Do not be irritated and say “it’s true. Challenge.” You would rather say, what I’m saying is right. You can check it later. By saying this you could score enough from the recruiters.

Grouping:-  sometimes the candidates are divided into two groups and have to discuss. In such cases when anyone talks in your group help him by giving more information. Recruiters will recognize your cooperative mentality. Do not talk insulting others.

Expressions:- While discussing look at every one. Don’t be over enthusiastic or feel pressure. Be very relaxed. Practice group discussions with your friends. By doing this your confidence will be increased.
Never look at the recruiters. They not only listen your discussion they watch closely your movements and expressions. Sometimes at the end they ask you to write down on a slip who talked best. Genuinely give your opinion.

Follow these simple principles while facing GD the success will be yours. Best of luck.