Introductory Session

Over the years working with clients, I have found that when creating lasting transformations, the connection/fit between client and practitioner is of key importance. This connection/fit between client and practitioner creates the energetic foundation for all that follows. When two people connect well with one another, there is a tangible sense to that connection and a natural ease is present. When this occurs, powerful changes and lasting transformations seem to occur almost effortlessly.

I want this type of connection/fit with all my clients, and the introductory session gives us a chance to work together and see what type of connection/fit we have between us. If it is less than an ideal fit, then you will walk away from the session with some valuable tools to use while you continue your search for an optimal practitioner. The rate of the Introductory session is $125/hr

If an ideal fit does occur between us, then we continue your journey to Joyful Alignment, and a 3, 5 or 10 session series package is selected.

I very much look foward to continuing this conversation.


Contact me today to schedule your introductory session.

Sundara Delphini        310-808-7108


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