Reset Your Body – Reset Your Life - Rapid Body Reset Guidebook

Your body is incredibly intelligent. If you guide it correctly, it will begin to realign and balance itself almost immediately. With the Reset Your Body – Reset Your Life Rapid Body Reset Guidebook, you begin to learn to utilize the unspoken language of your body – energetics.

In this Guidebook fundamental concepts regarding the body’s main energy systems are presented, as well as 5 Powerful Body Reset exercises. These Reset exercises combine gazing techniques, specific intentions, pressure point massage, and basic breath work to create simple yet very effective Energetic Body Resets.

The 5 Body Reset – Rapid Realignment exercises are:

1. Recharge & Rejuvenate:
Use this Body Reset when you feel physically drained or fatigued, emotionally sad or depressed, and/or mentally blocked.

2. De-stress – Calm & Connect:
Use this Body Reset when you feel physical body tension and/or headache, emotionally anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, nervous, or are over thinking.

3. Regroup & Refresh:
Use this Body Reset when you wake up feeling like you are in a funk, a bit out-of-sorts, on the verge of a total meltdown, or anything in-between. This is the equivalent of an energetic shower washing away negativity.

4. Immune Boost & Big Event Preparation:
Use this Body Reset when you are feeling like you are coming down with an illness, been exposed to someone who is ill, recently flown on an airplane or have been in a doctor’s office/hospital. OR Use this Body Reset if you are preparing to take on something big that could be stressful – like speaking in front of a group of people, going on a job interview, or going to a family function, etc.

5. Release & Transform:
Use this Body Reset to release old thoughts, beliefs, messages, feelings, traumas, and patterns that no longer serve you. If you don’t release these negative things from your past that are stored in your cellular memory, they infuse fear and negativity into your life – they continue to limit you. If you are willing to let go and open up to all that is possible via positive transformation, profound changes start to take place. New perspectives may open up to you. You may experience mental and/or emotional relief, and/or an easing or alleviation of triggers may occur. An inner calming or lightness may be experienced, as well as an increase in self-awareness, empowerment, love, and forgiveness.

All 5 Body Reset exercises strengthen, stabilize and realign your body energy. Each Body Reset exercise takes less than 5 minutes to do, and with over 80 photo illustrations, it is clear and easy to do correctly. Want to feel, think and be more aligned with what you want? Select which Body Reset exercise that most matches what you need in the moment, and follow the simple steps. Your body rapidly resets, realigns and you feel better fast!
RESET Your Body – RESET Your LIFE!.

Product Description

Title: Reset Your Body – Reset Your Life: A Rapid Body Reset Guidebook
Date Published: January 2012
ISBN-10: 1475085060
ISBN-13: 978-1475085060
Dimensions: 8 ½ x 11 inches
Pages: 50 full sized color pages
Price: Download: $75.00
Price: Hardcopy: $175.00 plus shipping

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