The Sleeping Soul

For the last year Writer/Direction Shawn Burkett spent his free time writing a
short story titled"The Sleeping Soul" What started out as a short story
has now been turned into a script, and a full length film.

The Sleeping Soul is a story about a woman "Grace" who has lost her
fiance & unborn son to a drunk driving accident.

Almost a year after the accident Grace is beginning to recover
from the tragedy, until her vivid nightmares & paranormal occurrences
begin to push her to the edge. The line between sane & insane begins
to blur as the days grow closer to the one year anniversary.


(In Order Of Appearance)

Grace James - Ayse Howard

Cove Masterson - Corey Thrush

Drunk Driver - Scott Gillespie

Taylor Masterson - Elizabeth Bright

Young Conor Masterson - Conor Elwood Burkett

Conor Masterson - Luke Burnett


Corey Thrush, Ryan Stacy & Shawn Burkett


Ryan Stacy & Shawn Burkett

Writer / Director

Shawn Burkett

In Select Theaters On March 2nd 2012

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