Natural vs. Synthetic Astaxanthin Sources

Aquasta® is distinctly different from other commercial pigment sources and can be traced back in the filets of fish fed with this product. Therefore, fish producers can prove the use of the correct pigment source in the final product.

Aquasta®, like synthetic astaxanthin sources, exhibits 100% free, non-esterified astaxanthin, which is considered advantageous because it is readily absorbable and need not be hydrolysed in the digestive tract of the fish. In contrast to synthetic and bacteria sources of astaxanthin, Aquasta® consists virtually all in 3R, 3’R form, an important astaxanthin source in nature. Finally, the geometrical isomer, all-E, is higher in Aquasta®, as compared to synthetic sources. This contributes to greater efficacy because the all-E (trans) isomer has greater bio-availability than the cis isomer.