"Tuxedo Taxi"

(The restoration of this 28-foot,
1929 sedan limousine was completed by
Roy Domke in his shop,
Runabout Reflections)

"There is nothing half so much worth doing
as simply messing about in boats."
--The Wind in the Willows
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Published articles
Written by Roy Domke. Tips for the boat owner-restorer, and tales of boating weekends.

Wooden Runabouts
When were these boats built, and what makes them collector's items today?

What does it entail, and why in the world would you hang a boat from a sky hook?

Tuxedo Taxi
The incredible, true story of how she went from fire-wood to Best of Show -- a unique story about a one-of-a-kind boat.

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Runabout Reflections was more than a business -- it represented the fulfillment of a life-long dream: to be working at something you love.

We hope to get you hooked on the beauty of these wooden runabout boats, and tell you a few entertaining stories about the process of making what is old beautiful again.

The best part of the restoration process, of course, is taking the fully-restored boat out for a drive on a lake -- hearing the intense, low rumbling of the engine; watching the roostertail of water flying out behind the boat; and knowing that you are driving a piece of history.

Roy Domke photographed the restoration of each boat in his shop, step by step. The photos were compiled into a photo album which documented all the work that done -- the album was then presented to the boat's owner as a visual record of the restoration.

The images used in this web site were taken from such photo albums, and represent various restoration projects completed at Runabout Reflections.

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