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Established in May 2002, VanMac Group is a global alternative investment product consulting firm. We focus on the provision of multi-asset alternative fund solutions for institutional investors.

Since 2002 we have relied in good faith on data and research services as supplied from Greenwich Alternative Investments LLC., (previously ‘VAN Group’) whom provide manager search and coordinate structured solutions. Since 1992 they have provided monthly global data on the industry. In addition, they assist in the provision of due diligence with access to a universe of more than 8000 fund managers. The ‘VAN Group’ has been quoted by the IMF & RBA in Australia with numerous consulting groups relying on the data for objective independent research.

VanMac Group works with clients to develop tailor-made multi-asset platform solutions and structured products. In addition we provide - ‘White labeling’ solutions and Agency work with managers - tailored products; credit enhancement and capital protection solutions.

VanMac Group has developed several innovative products based on the risk/return parameters we have discussed and agreed with clients.

VanMac Group will provide transparency, consolidated reporting, mandate compliance services and with some managers, separately managed account risk management.

VanMac Group provides a low cost full turn-key solution to investors grappling with the complexities of allocating to a set of skilled alternative global managers.

Please contact us at info@vanmac.com.au







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