Top 50 Evil Women

We list the Top 50 Evil Women in entertainment history

Woman - is any creature more beautiful or more deadly? Sure, evil deeds have been committed by men since the dawn of time, but when it's a beautiful lady who chooses to follow the path of darkness, somehow it makes things so much worse hotter. Throughout the history of entertainment, evil women have captivated us, with some of the greatest villains of all time belonging to the fairer sex. In this feature, we perform a survey of film, TV, games and comics to isolate and profile the fifty most wicked women of all time, from slashing serial killers to genocidal space organisms. These women may not have a lot in common besides the lack of a Y chromosome, but they're all united on the side of darkness. Without further ado, these are UGO's Top 50 Evil Women.

Ivy Valentine
Ivy Valentine

Ivy Valentine

It can be difficult to truly appreciate the villainy of Ivy Valentine just because she's so freaking hot. The white-haired woman warrior made her debut in Soul Calibur, but it took several games for her backstory to fill out. The biological daughter of the undead pirate Cervantes de Leon, she shared her daddy's passion for the pursuit of occult power. Ivy grew up to dabble in the black art of alchemy, and her warrior spirit drove her to create a segmented sword based upon a similar weapon from Chinese mythology. Unfortunately, all of her efforts to do so failed, until she accepted an offer of power from the demonic Nightmare, who used the spiritual energies of the Soul Edge to animate her weapon. Ivy's barely-there outfits and dominatrix attitude make her a feared competitor, with many of her moves choking, binding, or otherwise humiliating her foes.

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