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Posted over 5 years ago
Last night, Jezebel's weekly showcase at Laila Lounge in Williamsburg, featured the first ever Cover Fest. Cover Fest was dreamed up, scheduled, and hosted by the slightly mad, but ever-so-charming Ben Krieger. A night of artists covering songs of their favorite local artists. The evening featured the following:Dan Costello - I've heard much about Dan, but have never heard him live. It was a real treat. Len Monachello (All Night Chemists) - Len's rendition of Ben Krieger's Leather Pants was a highlight of the evening. He missed many of the lyrics, but was so thoroughly entertaining, it was great anyway.Mike Robertson (Mason Dixon) - What a treat to hear Mike after not seeing him live for over a year. I always love the tone he gets out of his guitar. Last night was no exception. Frank Hoier - I'm a big fan of Frank's voice and last night was no exception.Dan Dipolitto - Wow.Lizzy Grant - Hearing Lizzy play Brandon's Love in Cars was amazing, more so, because I've been listening to that record so much. YAY.Mike Ferraro - FINALLY, I got to hear Mike play....Brandon Wilde (Black Bunny), what can I say...sounded amazing. Brandon and Briana were phenomenal together.Bryan Dunn - love him. Brook Pridemore - has been awhile since I've seen Brook, but I was not disappointed.Low Water - Never seen them before. Hearing them play Ben's A Couple of Drinks was pretty neat.Kelli Rae Powell - Kelli was great, and her sense of humor made it for me. Wow.Steve Waitt - I miss the dreads, but he sounded good.Craig Chesler - can't remember....Alice - haven't seen Alice since the last night of the songwriting showcase. I love her voice.Ben Krieger - Rock star!Lara Ewen - Lara (pronouncing it correctly, unlike Ben) sounded great. YAY.

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  1. Spencer Owen says I like the idea of people covering each other's songs in a night. Especially if you're familiar with everybody there. Sounds like an excellent event.
    Permalink posted 11/16/2006
  2. KatsPajamas says It was an excellent evening to be sure!
    Permalink posted 11/16/2006

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