Paamiut is situated at the mouth of the Kuanneersoq Fjord. The areas is believed to have been inhabited since about the year 1500 BC. In 1742, Lars Dalager (1719-1772) worked tirelessly to get the shipping service to the area up and running. He was hired by Jacob Severin to work for the General Trading Company in Greenland, during the establishment of Frederikshåb, as Paamiut was then known.

Paamiut - The home of the white-tailed eagle in Greenland

Paamiut lies approximately 260 KM south of the Capital, Nuuk. In a town with about 1600 inhabitants are proud to represent themselves as the place that has the biggest population of white-tailed eagles in Greenland. 

The main source of income is from hunting and fishing, but also a good number of people work in the public administration. 


In 1741, Jacob Sewerin applied for the construction and funding of a colony south of Godthåb (now Nuuk). He suggested it be named Friedrichshaab, after the crown prince Frederik, who later became King Frederik V. The king, Christian the sixth, confirmed it. By the end of the century the name changed from German to Danish and became Frederikshaab. 

People have lived in the Paamiut area since around 1500 BCE. In 1612 the English explorer James Hall sailed around the coast of Paamiut and called it Land of Comfort, the friendliest and most beautiful land to see in Greenland. Paamiut was established in 1742 and it then prospered on trading fur and whale products. The town was also well-known for its soapstone and soapstone artists. In the 1950s Paamiut developed a booming cod industry that lasted until the late 1980s when the cod populations suddenly went down. 

As an effect of the booming fishing industry many small villages have been depopulated due to the better opportunities in the cities. This was also the case in Paamiut and the villages near. A number of deserted villages are near Paamiut and some houses are better remained, because the descendants have gained ownership of the houses, restore them and use them for recreational use. 

Nattoralik - The white-tailed eagle 

The eagle has been the symbol for Paamiut in many years. Before the municipalities were joined together as The Municipality of Sermersooq the coat of arms of The Municipality of Paamiut was the symbol of two eagles. 

The local sports club is called Nattoralik N-45. It was founded in 1945, thereby the number. Soon they will be having their 60th anniversary. The locals do not hesitate to yell: "Nattoralik, Nattoralik!" when the local football club is playing.   


Paamiut is by the mouth of the Kuannersooq Fiord. The word "Paamiut" actually means "Those, who reside by the mouth". The high mountains surrounding Paamiut majestically guard the city and the many small islands surround the way into the harbor as if they were to welcome the travelers. 

Paamiut is one of the places in Greenland that is free from ice all year round. The drift ice from South and East Greenland rarely reach Paamiut and the sea around Paamiut does not freeze in the winter. 

With a history as a big whaling site and the big population of white-tailed eagle, it is even told that the nature has a lot to offer. 



Paamiut was founded in 1742, since when a lively trade in skin and whale products has developed. It also became known for its soapstone artists, while the cod industry saw strong growth in the 1950s and up until 1989, when the cod population started to fall.

With 1,600 inhabitants, Paamiut today has the largest sports hall in Greenland and also has hospital. In addition, the town has a number of properties suited for heavy industry. Most of the people living in Paamiut today work in the fish industry.



  • The old church dating from 1909
  • The candle-making factory
  • The local market place 'Brættet'
  • Greenland's maritime training school
  • The cultural centre Taqqissuut 




Paamiut Asasara

Young artists in bloom are amongst the people who appreciate the project Paamiut Asasara. Paamiut Asasara is Greenlandic and means “My beloved Paamiut”. It is a project with the goal of making better opportunities for all groups of ages in Paamiut. It makes room for projects like theater production, music production, concerts for people of all ages, creative workshops for children in day care institutions. Some examples from projects made possible of Paamiut Asasara: 

Paamiut-Kids with camera: An international project run by volunteers. A photographer teaches a group of children the techniques of a modern camera and they show their life by taking photos. This project was originally started by the well known photographer Zana Briski. Here is a video that Paamiut kids have put together: 

A theater show in collaboration with C:NTACT: A show based on the young participants’ own texts, expressed like poems, rap songs and acting. The youngsters expressed their feelings whether they came from misplaced feelings or gratitude. 

Tilioq – a family center: This is one of Paamiut Asasara’s biggest projects. In this center families can come and receive help