Shwetha Menon

Name: Shwetha Menon
Sex: Female
Place of Birth: Calicut, Kerala


Shweta Menon is an Indian actress who has appeared in over 30 films. She is best known for her appearance in PT Kunhahammed's award winning Malayalam film Paradesi.

She is from Calicut. Her father was in the Indian Air Force. She studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya Calicut No.1. She competed in the Miss India contest and finished first .

She started her career as a actress in 'Anaswaram' (1991) a Malayalam movie (directed by Jomon) as the heroine of Mammooty, after which she concentrated on modeling. She was one of the last round contestants for Best Supporting Actress award in the 2008 Kerala State Film Awards.

She has acted in several Hindi, including "ISHQ" and a few Malayalam films.


She became famous by modelling for the Kamasutra ad, which pictuarised various sexual intercourse positions.

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