Creation of Industria Azucarera Nacional S.A. (Iansa) by Corfo. The first national sugar mill is built in Los Ángeles.


Start-up of a new sugar mill, this time in Llanquihue. This was disposed of two decades later.


Start-up of the Linares sugar plant.


Start-up of the Chillan sugar plant.


Start-up of the Rapaco (La Unión) sugar plant.


Start-up of the Curicó sugar plant.


The strategic decision is taken to operate the industry according to private-sector efficiency criteria and prepare it for its future privatization.


The privatization of Iansa is completed and an active diversification process begun. It adds new businesses to sugar production and cattle feed.

1989 · 1999

The production of fish feed is the first of Iansa’s new businesses; this was later sold in 1999 to a company related to Trouw Chile.


The company enters the fruit-juice concentrates business. Ten years later, Empresas Iansa signs a strategic alliance with the American multinational Cargill, leading to the creation of Patagonia Chile S.A.


Commercialization of agricultural supplies (fertilizers, blends, seeds, agro-chemicals) begins for the growing of beet.

1991 · 2004

Following a successful decade, the tomato products business is sold to Aconcagua Foods.


Iansagro enters the ownership of Anagra, Chile’s principal fertilizer distributor, with a 23.3% shareholding.

1994 · 1999

In 1994, the company enters the pet foods market following the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement with the European company Spillers Foods International.
In 1999, the company sells the business.


Constitution of Icatom S.A. (Peru)

Icatom produces traditional and organic tomato paste, fresh tomatoes, frozen vegetables and vegetable seedlings.

An advisory and licensing agreement is signed with McCauley’s (USA) for the production of horse feeds.


Structuring of Empresas Iansa as a holding company.

The parent company adopts the name of Empresas Iansa S.A. and the business areas are legally structures as subsidiary companies.

1996 · 2002

Creation of the subsidiary Proterra

In 2002, all its shares are sold to Easy S.A. and its parent Cencosud S.A.

1997 · 2004

Take-over of Sofruta, Brazil (disposed of in 2004).

1997 · 2008

An agreement is signed with the French multinational Bonduelle for the production of frozen vegetables under license.
The own brand Julienne is added, directed at the institutional market segment. The frozen-foods business, managed by the subsidiary Iansafrut, was expanded in 2004 to frozen fruit for export.


Patagonia Chile S.A.

Empresas Iansa and Cargill merge their fruit-juice concentrates businesses in Chile, by forming Patagonia Chile which is held 60% and 40% respectively.


Technical cooperation agreement with Cargill for cattle feed.


Purchase of vegetal oils plant in Talca.


Re-entry into the pet foods market

Empresas Iansa in June acquires the assets of Industrial Punto Futuro S.A. This company operated in the pet foods market since 2000 with its brands “Cannes”, “Minninos”, “Bobicann”, “Dino’s” and “Dinamita”, and is also the principal producer of own brands for the country’s principal supermarket chains and distributors.


Patagoniafresh S.A. is born

Patagoniafresh S.A. is created following a merger between Patagonia Chile and Jucosa, the largest exporter of non-citric juice concentrates in the southern hemisphere. Its principal market is North America, with a presence also in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

“Iansa Cero K” is launched.

The company introduces Iansa Cero K, a non-calorific sweetener based on saccharose.

Agrícola Terrandes S.A. is created – Own Crops

This new company is oriented to the production of beet. Its objective is to stabilize supplies of raw material to the sugar mills.

Start-up of oils plant at Rapaco (La Unión)

Reorganization of frozen fruit and vegetables business

In line with the policy of Empresas Iansa to concentrate on its core businesses, it is decided to leave the frozen vegetables business.


New beet contracting system

Starting with the 2009 season, the discount for crowns is eliminated, which increases yields per hectare and the value of the beet by around 12%.

Plan Dulce 2014

The management begins the first concrete steps for developing this strategic plan, which points to strengthening the company’s principal business areas, sugar and sub-products, with a new commercial, productive and agricultural model oriented to strengthening relations with customers, end consumers and farmers.

Launch of “Iansa Light”

The company develops the first light sugar in the market, comprising sugar and saccharose. This new product sweetening with the same flavor as sugar and half the calories.