Halo 4 in development for two years

Anniversary extras star Guilty Spark.

Microsoft's 343 Industries has been working on Halo 4 for two years.

In a panel discussion at Comic-Con reported by GameSpot, Halo franchise boss Frank O'Connor said it was a relief to announce the 2012 Xbox 360 exclusive at E3 last month because the team has been working on it in "relative secrecy for a couple of years".

Halo's Covenant-beating hero will appear "changed" in Halo 4. And there's a story behind his new look � yet to be revealed.

Some time has passed since the events of Halo 3, when the Chief finished the fight. Halo 4 opens with him floating through space towards an alien planet. "A lot of things have changed in that intervening period," O'Connor has teased.

Halo 4, out late 2012, follows 343 Industries' upcoming original Halo re-make - Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - out 15th November.

Anniversary includes a similar mechanic to Halo 3: ODST's terminals and data pads. The mechanic will provide insight into Halo 4 and extra backstory, with nutty AI Guilty Spark the subject.

Meanwhile, the panel discussed the upcoming Halo novels. Halo: Grasslands, due out in October, is set between Halo 3 and Halo 4, a time when Master Chief is adrift in space.

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  • Eraysor #1 11 months ago

    I still think it's bonkers remaking a game from only one generation ago. I can just about understand it with Ico and SotC, because they're fairly rare and SotC was really pushing the PS2's limits, but this...?
  • sheldipez #2 11 months ago

    I still have my original copy of Halo sat on my shelf and can say that Halo hasn't aged well. Check the vids out where they swap between the two versions of Halo on the fly.
    Personally I'm really looking forward to the new Halo revamp.
  • Climhazzard #3 11 months ago

    Really cant wait for this and Anniversary. Hope Halo 4 multiplayer goes back towards Halo2/3 though, don't like Reach with all the gimmicks. Prefer straight forward skill based competetive multiplayer.
  • schnide #4 11 months ago

    Halo franchise boss Frank O'Connor said it was a relief to announce the 2012 Xbox 360 exclusive at E3 last month because the team has been working on it in "relative secrecy for a couple of years".

    Oh I bet it was, we had no idea it was coming ;)
  • MaFlippinHeadHurts #5 11 months ago

    Can't wait to play both of these games and I must have completed Halo CE twenty odd times.......it's what kept me from buying other games at the time
  • WinterSnowblind #6 11 months ago

    In fairness, it was literally only leaked 20 minutes before the E3 conference and only because somebody jumped the gun updating the Xbox website. It was easily the best kept secret of the show and the only thing that was remotely surprising.. Even if I still think it's too early for another Halo.
  • WizenWolfBain #7 11 months ago

    I don't think it's too early for another "proper" Halo. I consider Halo 3 to be the last proper Halo game, with ODST, Reach and Halo Wars being completely different games in their own right. A five year gap without playing the Chief seems perfect to me. Hopefully Halo 4 will refocus the franchise and emphasize the good aspects of Halo 1/2/3. No more gimmicks, just a good story, solid campaign and the trademark competitive/social matchmaking.
  • scuffpuppies #8 11 months ago


    Don't buy it then. I'll be perfectly happy playing the remake of one of my personal fave games of all-time knowing I won't bump into people like you. You know the type, people who just f**king moan about EVERYTHING, and ANYTHING!

    Personally I can't f**king wait!
  • Whitster #9 11 months ago


    Totally with you there about the current re-make trend. Rare and underappreciated games from last gen should get them like the Sly Collection and Team Ico one, but packs of games that already sold well like MGS, GoW and Halo seem like a bit lazy. Wheres the Jade Empire HD re-release to try and puff up some enthusiasm for a sequel? Or for any of the other misteps from the last gen?
  • schnide #10 11 months ago


    My point was that even if it hadn't been announced then and next year instead, was it really any surprise at all that it was being worked on?
  • Subdominator #11 11 months ago

    They've not been working on it for two years, they've been working on it for nearly four years. Or what do you think 343 Industries did in its first couple of years?

    I was sceptical about the Halo remake first but after seeing the before/after shots it's a pretty good idea. Also with 25 million original Xbox sold and now 55 million 360 it's certain that a lot of Halo 3 fans never played the original.
  • The-Bodybuilder #12 11 months ago

    I still think they should've saved Halo 4 for the next xbox's launch.
  • Subdominator #13 11 months ago


    Just because it was leaked doesn't mean it wasn't expected. They have always announced the next Halo game the year after the last one was released, so I expected the Halo 4 announcement all the way. The Anniversary thing came as a surprise however, because there were so many rumours about it, it was just too good to be true. The real surprise was that 343 Industries was working on the next Halo since 2007 (the year they were created and half of Bungie moved over, plus some AAA developers from other teams) and we hadn't heard anything from them. We all knew they were working on Halo 4.

    @ Bodybuilder:

    Who says they don't? They could very well release the next Xbox in November 2012 and have Halo 4 for both 360 and the new one. 30 fps on 360, 60 fps for the new one. Similar to what Nintendo did with the last Zelda, which came out on Gamecube and the newly released Wii.
    Edited by Subdominator at 25/07/11 @ 11:31
  • layleeloo #14 11 months ago

  • eviroboy #15 11 months ago

    So is this the last last Halo game or will there be another last Halo game?

    I guess there will always be jobs for shepherds, to round up all you sheep.
  • Skooch #16 11 months ago

    @enviroboy - yep you're right. The game that spawned a successful new player in the game console market, the game that showed everyone that an FPS could be done well on a console, the game that (later in Halo 2) showed off the capacity of the LIVE service and provided the most robust and varied p2p online MP gaming experience on any console shouldn't be celebrated.
    Edited by Skooch at 25/07/11 @ 12:31
  • Subdominator #17 11 months ago

    @eviroboy Why don't you just go back to your mommy and play Call of Duty.
  • MattEdWithCheese #18 11 months ago

    I get the feeling that the ending will be the obvious plot twist of: they were actually floating in space for millennia and the rest of humanity has died out
  • coolbritannia #19 11 months ago

    Halo is the game that ended the Playstation dominance, and boy does it show in the buttfucked fanboy comments...
  • ollyn #20 11 months ago

    "the game that showed everyone that an FPS could be done well on a console"?

    Umm Goldeneye kind of did that before Halo :).
  • schnide #21 11 months ago


    I don't think so, as that would seriously limit some of the stories they could tell in (inevitable) future games. Plus, what the hell would Master Chief be fighting for?
  • MattEdWithCheese #22 11 months ago

    @schnide at the end of halo 6, he'll find a time-machine, therefore all co-op campaigns in the first trilogy are canon
  • geeza2020 #23 11 months ago

    Awesome, another halozzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • inutaihanyou #24 11 months ago

    @Skootch - 'Umm Goldeneye kind of did that before Halo :).'

    Halo cemented that success and brought it to fruition. The second step of a two step process
  • Ahskay #25 11 months ago

    Perfect Dark did that.
  • Ace_McCloud #26 11 months ago

    Feel free to change the Flood. They weren't fun ten years ago.
  • Uncompetative #27 11 months ago

    C'mon Bungie hurry up with Ghost in the Shell