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Micky Steps Down

Posted on: Sat 05 Nov 2011

Port Vale manager Micky Adams has opted to step down from his position of director, with the club's board now fully functional.

Adams had previously stated his intention to resign from his role as a director when new investment was announced and the Board was operational. He announced his candidacy to become a Director in July, so that the Club would have the minimum four Directors needed to be legal under Football League regulations.

"I said when I became a director that this was only ever a means to an end - the club had to have a legal, functioning board to undertake transfer activity and that was my main priority at a critical time in pre-season," said Micky.


"We now have four directors without my place on the Board and I can return to being solely a football manager, which is what I am paid to do.

"I'm very excited about the rest of the season and hope that we can work together to help Port Vale return to better times."

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