Gay people in Britain have far more to fear from Islam than they do from the EDL.

In 2009 the internationally-renowned polling organisation Gallup did a survey comparing the attitudes of British Muslims and European Muslims towards homosexuality. The survey (conducted by a team of Muslims) reported that British Muslims had zero tolerance for homosexuality.

It is nonsense to propose that a community with zero tolerance for homosexuality believes in diversity. There are many stories which have featured in the national media concerning gay Muslims whose family have forced them into marriages or worse still.

From the very beginning EDL has championed equality for gay people, unlike the Muslim community of Britain.

It was not EDL who covered east London in stickers saying “Gay Free Zone”. The Muslim who did that in February 2011 was let off with a token fine. Yet he was recently (and quietly) imprisoned on terrorist charges.

When EDL visits Bristol you will be able to make up your own mind, rather than relying on the fear-mongering and mis-reporting of sensationalist journalists. Openly gay people have been seen on every EDL demo; but the media choose not to show photographs of us, even though they make a point of taking photos. Muslims have also been on many EDL demos, but once again, the media choose to ignore them.

In light of the recent convictions of gangs (entirely of Muslim men) who groomed, raped and pimped young white girls, it is sickening that any MP should attempt to stop an EDL demo. It is EDL that has campaigned against the conspiracy of silence which has enabled these gangs to continue this abuse without prosecution.

The authorities have known of the existence of these gangs for years, and have done nothing. Proof of this knowledge can be seen in an educational film aimed at 13 to 14 year old girls, a film which was never used in the past 4 years for fear of upsetting “community cohesion”.

Our politicians have sacrificed vulnerable young girls on the altar of community cohesion. We will continue to campaign on these matters, no matter how unpalatable it is to MPs in Bristol.

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