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About Jeffrey Proud

One of the reasons I am running for President is because I know how to reform our educational system.

When my partners and I sold our electronics engineering business in 1999. I had the freedom to do something different, a sort of payback for the measure of success life granted me. I always thought I would enjoy teaching; I like kids and I read the U.S. education system was suffering; therefore, I became a teacher. After a couple of years as a special education teacher, I witnessed first hand the problems in our education system. I decided to study it to find answers. I went back to college and earned a MS and a PhD in education. My research looked for flaws in the system undermining American kids from getting high quality schooling. After nearly ten years of study, I formulated an answer why our education system has deteriorated. This is a difficult question to answer because of many contributing factors; but it boils down to just a few main constructs. They are: the dynamics of classroom interactions (Group Dynamics), individual learning styles, and a personal awareness of self (a self-fulfilling prophecy).

I started Proud Foundation to enlist input from teachers on how to reform education. I spent years investigating and analysing how to reform education. During the process of analysing the American educational system, I discovered the fact that teachers, a major resource for positive quality changes in education, have been systematically ignored. Leaders seeking input for educational improvement go to college professors, consultants, and other outside experts for advice and action plans, but hardly ever teachers. I created Proud Foundation to collect funds through memberships and donations to distribute the money in approximately $10,000 grants to teachers to implement their own plans, interventions and/or curricula changes to improve education.

Education Background: ALA Liberal Arts, BA Business, MS & PhD in Education

Research: Human Learning Drive; Motivation Theory; Group Dynamics in Educ; Applications in Personalized Individual Learning: Speed-Reading, Cognition, Knowledge Transfer, Comprehension & Retention.

Continuing Research: Meta-Analytics, Meta-Alalyses in Educ & Motivation Theory, Writing & Theorizing.

Retired: 35 yrs business owner: Electronic Engineering & Marketing & Mfg; 9 yrs military; 10 yrs elementary, HS, College – Teaching & Research; Created a Charter School; Originated an Educational Foundation; (on design teams for): HF HPS Hi-Efficiency ballast; PhytoFarm Hydroponics; Salmon AquaFarming; Hi Efficiency Computerized Light Pipe Design & Reflectors; Lite-Saver Device (Pat); Eagle Boy Scout

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Since the global recession ended in 2009, it has been the fable that the world economy has been fueled by rising powers in the developing world led by China, India and Brazil. This is not entirely true. The real world economic engine is the USA with it's huge buying power. Now, the US is petering ...

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I just read a piece by the McKinsey Consulting Company that was full of facts and was very eye-popping, as they usually are, about the future. One of my major complaints about the GOP and the Democrats is that they both seem to end up with "light-weights" as the standard bearers for their political parties. ...

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