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Hair Loss Treatment
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Hair Loss Treatment
Over time, my hair loss treatment to stop hair loss and hair care,
will become classic and universal. Big Pharma will hate me.

A Single Formula for both Purpose HAIR LOSS and HAIR CARE

For the first time I reveal my revolutionary herbal hair loss treatment to stop hair loss and hair care for men and women of all ages. My formula, effective, inexpensive and easy to prepare with natural ingredients found anywhere, is the result of years of investigation and search for losing hair solutions.

Excuse my not grammatical English.

My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines, I am Peruvian Journalist of 68 years, specialized in Natural Health. I have created numerous natural products for different health needs, such as “Fungi Free Forever”, “Natural Control of Diabetes”, “Natural Arthritis Relief”, “Super Antioxidant Wine”,  “QUIROZ Super Juice”, including my best treatment for hair loss. I myself cured of a disease that medical science says it was incurable. I have written the book “Cure Cancer with Natural Treatments”. In Peru, only with my remedy for the prostate I have cured more than 2000 men. My lotion to stop hair loss in just 17 days is the first product that I present to the public.

My Lotion and Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss Men
Daily use of my lotion stops male hair loss in about two weeks and also reduces dandruff and seborrhea; really my lotion should be used by young people to keep their hair beautiful and healthy and above all to prevent hair loss and delay the appearance of grey hair.
Does my Hair Loss Treatment Promote
Hair Growth?
Theoretically YES, but I only promise that you will stop losing hair in about 17 days and will keep it strong, healthy and bright.
This formula should stimulate also the growth of the hair. I wanted that you have luck in this sense. The organisms are different and react of different form
And what about the Gray Hairs?
The daily use of my lotion smooths and delays the appearance of gray hair, you see my picture, a few gray hairs to my age, 68 years. Most of my classmates, look abundant gray and white hair.
Where do You find
the Components of my Formula?
The herbs for my formula found anywhere in the world, in grocery stores, health food stores and two products at your local pharmacy.

But in addition, I provide you with several LINKS to buy online, if you want. These vendors shipped anywhere in the world.
How do You Prepare my Hair Health Lotion?
Follow these simple steps:
1 - Let macerate during 15 days, 3 of the herbs, in whiskey, brandy, rum or Vocke
2 - Strain with a thin cloth and add the last two components
3 - Strain again with cotton twice or better still with filter paper, add a few drops of perfume and ready, you can use my homemade lotion.
Prepare enough LOTION for seven months or more.
How Much Is The
Hair Loss Treatment Formula?
How much would you pay for a formula that could be patented and exploited globally? It is possible that Big Pharma does not like that I reveal my formula to stop losing hair and general hair care . But I am the founder of the World Movement of Direct Help to the Poor and I promote "The Miracle of Sharing". But do not panic, you only pay a small fee, for once in your life, you have the formula forever and you can prepare the lotion whenever you want or need.

I am a dreamer and I dream of a better world without limits and without selfishness. I wish that the world knows my homemade formula and benefits from its results. I hope will be useful and I thank God for giving me this opportunity. I like to practice The Miracle of Sharing, I sell the formula for hair problems, to raise funds for my charity work.

My Lotion and Women Hair Care

Hair Loss Women
My lotion is also ideal for general care of hair for men and women, regardless of their age or their hair type.
If you are a lady and you hair is fine, dry, brittle, weak and lifeless, use daily my Quiroz lotion and your hair will look beautiful, strong and healthy, with smoothness and brightness and at the same time you will prevent losing hair. My hair loss treatment works.
Who should USE my Hair Loss Treatment?
Men and women with hair problems at any level and to prevent hair loss.
Women and men who want to look beautiful hair, firm, smooth, healthy and super bright

If you are MALE and do not lose hair, use lotion to prevent losing hair.
If you are a LADY just use the lotion daily to keep your hair beautiful and healthy
Very Important
If you want to prevent baldness you should start to care and strengthen your hair, even before it begins to fall. I started to use the anti losing hair lotion to 64 years old when I had an accelerated baldness, but at this age I have stopped my hair loss dramatically, so it is very important that men and women begin to take care of your hair from their youth.
Component #1. My mother (who was peasant and lived 90 years) used this plant since young woman to eliminate dandruff and keep her hair, long, lustrous and healthy. The plant is cheap and easy to find anywhere.
Component #2. This plant used since ancient times as hair loss treatment, promote health and the growth of the hair, stimulates energetically the capillary circulation, restoring life and strength to the hair.

This plant has demonstrated the ability to stop the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, that is to say, to reduce the excessive levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which has profound effect on hair loss in men and women.
Component #3. This ancient plant used mainly in India and China (now found in any market) has been used in foods but not for hair loss treatment. Investigating and analyzing, I found however, that the plant has marked properties to irrigate, to nourish and to give life to the hair and using it in my formula results are excellent.
Component #4. It is a powerful bactericidal, biocide, fungicide and natural antibiotic with electrical properties that prevents that the follicle rots for causes of seborrhea, dandruff or other and prevents hair loss.
Component #5. It is a powerful natural nutrient for all hair types containing high doses of vitamins and essential acids for health and beauty of hair, Such as:

- Vitamin B5: Prevents hair loss and premature graying.
- Vitamin B6: Create melanin and prevents hair loss.
- Biotin : May prevent graying and hair loss
- Inositol: Supports to cellular level strong and healthy follicles. Produces keratin
- Niacin: Promotes capillary circulation
Do you Need Proof of my hair loss treatment..?
I was losing my hair in alarming way
and a severe baldness
was inevitable.

Four years ago

Four years later. With the daily use of my lotion,
I still keep my hair strong and healthy.
Today I am 68 years old.
You can download my Quiroz SUPER Formula
Just ONE-TIME payment * $47 * If You Act Now!
But please let me warn you right now, this price won't last forever. I reserve the right to raise this low investment price at any time, so please do not hesitate!
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The price for this information could rise at anytime.
One single payment forever
Notice, I do not deliver you a bottle of lotion. I REVEAL you the FORMULA of my invention in order that you prepare the lotion and use it as hair loss treatment. My e-book is presented in PDF format and it is downloaded immediately. My e-book download may take some time, please be patient. If it fails, try again
“100% Money Back Guarantee
My Formula Will Work for You - Or You Don’t Pay!”
Contact me for a 100% refund If you are not satisfied with my FORMULA.
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The price of this valuable formula could rise at any time.
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The price for this information could rise at anytime.
One single payment forever
If you buy my formula, automatically you promise not to sell it in any form, nor to patent it, and if you do it you will confront the legal consequences. Any such unauthorized use shall result in inmediate and automatic termination of this permission and may result in criminal and/ or civil prosecution. The formula is only for personal use. All Rights Reserved.
P.C. Luis Quiroz Ravines
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