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From the pitchblack depths 2 miles beneath the North Atlantic salvagers of the Titanic made a notable discovery when they located the personal effects of William Murdoch the bridge officer who tried in vain to keep the doomed ship from colliding with an iceberg The artifacts including a shoe brush straight razor and pipe are the first to be specifically linked to Murdoch who gained added notoriety after James Camerons polemical portrayal of him in the 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic In the film Murdoch accepts bribes kills two people trying to get on lifeboats and shoots himself in desperation as the ship sinks Historical accounts however say Murdoch gave the order to try to avoid a collision and acted selflessly to get passengers on lifeboats This will bring Murdoch back front and center to the tragedy said Bill Sauder who manages Titanic research for RMS Titanic Inc The company oversees the artifacts and gave The Associated Press an exclusive look at a new exhibit that opens Friday at Premier Exhibitions in Atlanta RMST is a subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions