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Agency for Instructional Technology

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Administrative History/Information:

  • Began in 1962 when the U.S. Office of Education financed, as a five-year demonstration, the National Instructional Television Library
  • Administered by National Educational Television (NET) in New York City: 1962-1965
  • Became the National Center for School and College Television (NCSCT) and began operation under the Indiana University Foundation in Bloomington: 1965
  • Became the National Instructional Television Center (NITC/NIT) in 1968 - became self-supporting in 1970
  • Incorporated as the Agency for Instructional Television, a permanent organization structure to improve and expand the cooperative processes begun with NIT: April 11, 1973
  • Changed name to the Agency for Instructional Technology to more accurately reflect emerging technologies in educational media: July 1, 1984
Agency for Instructional Television. About AIT: Agency for Instructional Television. (1980); 1991 AIT Catalog of Instructional Materials

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Reference Shelf Materials

Reading Room

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Agency for Instructional Television

  • 1977 Television. 1977. Folder: 003
  • About AIT: Agency for Instructional Television. 1980. Folder: 004
  • "Education for Personal and Social Growth of Secondary School Students: October 1978." 1978. Folder: 005
  • "Instructional Television Materials: A Guide to Films, Kinescopes, and Videotapes Available for Televised Use." 1964. Index/Inventory
  • "Print Archives." 1990. Index/Inventory
  • "Video Archives." 1990. Index/Inventory

Cecil, Jon. "Instructional Television: A National Learning Resource" NCCT Forum, Vol. 2, No. 3 (Fall 1979): 24-31. Folder: 049

"Cohen to retire after 28 years as AIT's founder and executive director." 1990. Folder: 743

Moldstad, John. "What Do We Know About the Utilization of Communication Technologies in Education?" Folder: 267

Schramm, Wilbur. "Some Notes on Research, Theory and Production in Instructional Television" Bloomington, IN: Agency for Instructional Television, 1977. Folder: 391

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