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In November 2011, Utah's first ThrU Turn Intersection (TTI) opened at 12300 South and State Street in Draper. The new intersection is based on an innovative design that has been successfully implemented in other states to improve traffic flow and safety.

The new ThrU Turn design eliminates the traditional left turn and allows drivers to travel through the intersection, make a signalized U-turn through a bulb-out, and then turn right toward their destination.

Failing to use the bulb-out once you have committed to the ThrU Turn places your vehicle in the wrong lane, so drivers should be extra cautious and obey the natural flow and parameters of the ThrU Turn.When used correctly, the bulb-out will naturally place your vehicle in the correct lane and allow you to make a right turn and finish your movement through the intersection.

To learn how to navigate the TTI, please take a few minutes to view the following animation.

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