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Transition Town engaged in a coordinated and pre-planned controlled opposition called Occupy Victoria AKA PAOV

TRANSITION TOWN COUP D’ETAT (occupy victoria, PAOV, Red Squares):

This is a rewrite of a previous article, there have been so many updates and additions in the past couple of days while I scour over a massive archive of archived data, the connections to Transition Town are becoming ever more clear!

I will begin by presenting my evaluation of the inner circles of Occupy Victoria.

We are change Victoria identified Simon Schopman as a hidden hand within occupy.  That is because he seems to keep a low profile for a shill in front of the camera.  Even the “non-organizers” you see seem to be trained PR managers and appear to be pretending to merely be a normal person attending the event (HA RIGHT!).

So in our grand tour of shills we will start with:


Do you still deny your association with NGO’s?  How long have you been a member of Transition Salt Spring Simon?


Oh and I don’t think he is merely a “participant”.

Simon is this you?  It would appear as though someone named Simon has some sort of upper level status within the group, if this is not you then who is it?


- Anushka Nagji, student of law at uvic —>Probable Micheal M’gonicle student, Facilitator for Occupy, InterOccupy Canada Co-ordinator

Next, Anushka Nagji, an activist with the People’s Assembly/Occupy Victoria and a UVic law student

Anushka Nagji, 25, one of the People’s Assembly organizers
Dr. M’Gonigle was cross-appointed to the Faculty of Law and the Department of Environmental Studies in 1995, and holds the Eco-Research Chair in Environmental Law and Policy. He has written widely on international law, environmental and resource management issues, and theories of ecological political economy. A co-founder of Greenpeace International, the Sierra Legal Defense Fund, and Smart Growth BC, Dr. M’Gonigle’s research and teaching is currently focused on forestry and fish resource sectors, urban sustainability, and community-based governance.
On March 7 join UVic professors Josh Ault, Merwan Engineer, Budd Hall, Basma Majerbi and Michael Read alongside Anushka Nagji, a student in the Faculty of Law and an activist with the Occupy Victoria movement, for a multi-disciplinary debate on the globalization of revolution.

Anushka is/was a student of M’Gonigle and appears to be completely into his agenda, at the very least there is a highly suspect connection there given the evidence in this post.

M’Gonicle is attached to polis, which advocates ecological governance.

- Rob Rao —>Sierra Club & Transition town , Facilitator for occupy

Fellow organizer Rob Rao, 34
Sustainable High Schools Coordinator at Sierra Club BC
Office Manager,The Power of Hope,Nonprofit Organization Management industry,November 2011 – Present (6 months)
Sustainable High Schools Coordinator,Sierra Club BC,2011 – April 2011 (less than a year)
His current office manager position is with POH canada according to the linked-in source, funders of the POH includes “Tides Canada“.

member of transition town victoria.

- Jocelyn Samek –> potential Transition Town, Facilitator for occupy

said rally organizer Jocelyn Samek

Well, at least we know what he looks like, which, imo, is a must being we are being stalked & harrased Jocelyn. I would also suggest to the entire group OV!, that they are also being harrassed. There are steps to be taken. I posted the RCMP’s iste on the OV! site, please read the section on bullying & harrassing. And please act. Jocelyn, I don’t see any harm in placing his vid here b/c he has put this vid on Occupy fb walls in past.

Soliciting a group complaint because they do not like hearing what others have to say.  Apparently posting the addresses and information dockets such as this is illegal in their fake reality, however, freedom of press is a basic right in this country.  This is how they deal with people whom work to expose them. (kathy hart is from occupy vancouver).

Potential member of Transition Town

- Renee Lindstrom–>Transition Town, Hands Across The Sand Member, Facilitator for occupy

As a facilitator
Breaking News today, Thursday, June 17th, 2010. Hands Across the Sands in B.C. is supported and endorsed by the BC Sustainable Energy Association, the Green Party of Canada, the Sierra Club of BC, the Raincoast Conservation Society, the Georgia Strait Alliance, and the David Suzuki Foundation” wow a soros flurry!
Feldenkrais Practitioner, Facilitator of Integrative Empathy & Nonviolent Communication, Program Development
tides foundation
Click here to make a donation to the Sierra Club. Your gift will help us to promote HANDS ACROSS THE SAND and support our campaign to

raincoast connected to hands across the sand

and who funds the sierra club? the “tides foundation” of course!

And those two shady org’s are they soros NGO’s by any chance?

The curriculum was developed by prominent activists, trainers and educators from six different personal development organizations that include: Learning as Leadership, The Haven Institute, Non Violent Communication, The Process Institute, The Work That Reconnects and Anima Leadership

Member of transition town
Larry Wartel, Transition Town, Facilitator for Occupy

Fellow event organizer, Larry Wartel
Meeting Minutes, Present:  Edward Butterworth (facilitator), Rob Wipond, Jens Kiefer, Chris Bullock, Claudia DeHaan, Tania Wegwitz, Elaine Weidner, Anke vanLeeuwen, Tamara SunSong, Alice Whitehead, Ana Simeon, Jackie MacDonald, Sandra Haywood, Patricia Molchan, Larry Wartel, Heather(guest) with Change Victoria, John Gower (late).
Larry Wartel 388-3847,“, is a contact of an event posted by joan russow.
Sierra Victoria is part of the Transition Town movement which fosters a post-carbon way of life

Larry Wartel is definitely Transition Town!

Jason Guille is on Social Coast.
View Jason Guille’s (Canada) professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the …
‎”Farmer’s Market, Event Production, Food Centralization, Community Development”. Sorry did that say “food centralization”? Hold on a minute. Let’s not forget he is “earth dance victoria” lead guy. He kept a low profile with occupy victoria and I think he’s one of the major hidden hands in this movement.
Jason Guille shares how the day-to-day application of rogue wave theory makes fo…

– Alexia Olson, Transition Town, Interoccupy Canada Co-ordinator.

She is connected to Occupy and the facebook interoccupy canada facebook group. which co-incidentally is where Jason Guille is a member of as well.
I find this connection to uncivilization and the “dark mountain” project disturbing, and just like transition town it can be found all over this “ning” network.  These are cookie cutter sites for viral marketing of what is obvious a carefully planned out agenda playing people into “depopulation” and agenda 21, all connected to the tides foundation of canada which in itself is the hand of foreign influence of george soros.
Ben Sheridan –> PAOV process working group
Jenny McCartney –> Trained green radical!
The common thread should be obvious!  They are all connected to Transition Town.  Who made these people the controllers of the revolution?
These people have to be stopped, humanity needs to be freed not set back into the stone age.
Here is an explanation of what these people are up to:

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