So, the comic has been pretty much dead a month now. There are two main reasons and I thought it’s finally time to share them.

1. I’m moving out.

By the end of this year I’m moving from the south of England to the middle of Scotland. I’m getting a place that is entirely funded by my YouTube videos and, to be honest, I’m as nervous as anything. This is kinda the big growing up thing I’ve heard so much about and it’s a little unsettling. :p For one thing this is going to be 100% YouTube funded. Does that sound like steady money to you? Happily things are doing extraordinarily well and I should be able to do this easily but a large part of my brain is telling me to leave these comics alone for a while (I earn more in half a day of Youtube then I do with 2 months of comics) and focus on video and to be honest, that is making a fair bit of sense to me.

2. Eureka.

This wasn’t something I ever could see coming and is the reason I’ve said nothing over the past month. The TV series Eureka seems to be running a storyline that is identical to what I had planned for this comic. Currently in Eureka a group of people have just left a hyper real simulation that was in a computer and their minds don’t adjust well to the real world. Sound familiar? Well the plot I had planned is playing out stupidly similar to that of the the main character in Eureka. I didn’t want to say anything because of spoilers but now I’m sure I’m going to have to re-write my plot. Having no time to just make them you can imagine how hard it is to re-build everything from this point to the end again. Plus, I can’t start until I know how eureka plays out so that’s at least another month and at that point I’ll be weeks away from moving. Basically, this gap may be a while.

“What about Frank?” I hear you ask. Well I don’t want to turn the comic into the frank show. 7 days of him is pretty stupid plus he has other stuff he needs to be doing too. I think it’s best if he turns up irregularly at most.

I’m also thinking of messing the site up a little too, changing it round and making the comic a side part and the videos and blogs the focus. I’m just worried that if I do that’ll never get it going again and I don’t want that.

So yeah, that’s the lot. Videos will continue and this site might morph in the next few days and start updating with blogs (which will probably be more updates then opinion things) but I don’t know and I don’t really have time to think about it.

Now, It’s 5am, I need sleep. Ciao.