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by Mike

Hey EXKCD fans!  I'm Mike, the creator of this here website.  And this is Jeff, the powerhouse writer that gets all the content up.  We used to have google ads up here to cover our web costs but they banned us because of click bombing and took all our money.  We never wanted to ask you, the fans, for money, but I recently had to leave my job and I'm trying to raise some money for some cool new projects.  So we're adding a donation button to the site.  If you like what we do please feel free to throw a buck or two at us.  We'd greatly appreciate it!  But no pressure!  Just keep enjoying the content.

Happy Friday!

Update: The donate button embedded in the post wasn't working. So you can click on the button in the sidebar over there on the right.

Thanks, Mike & Jeff

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  1. Have you tried explaining to them that you were not responsible for the click bombing?

  2. “feel free to through a buck or two at us”

  3. You may want to take a look at http://www.projectwonderful.com/
    They are who I switched to after getting Click Bombed and banned.

    • I’ve been very impressed with Project Wonderful’s set-up. Reports are that it doesn’t pay as well as a similarly sized area hosting one of the more generalized ad providers, but the drastic increase in control, options, and connection with a particular advertising community should be worth it – especially if the alternative is not hosting an ad box at all.

  4. Stupid click bombers.

  5. Maybe you could consider Flattr too?

  6. Please add a flattr button to your posts (one for each post).

    • Seconded! Er, thirded! It would be a perfect way to fund your site. And it could also serve as an unscientific poll to measure if not your best explanations, then Randall’s most confusing strips.

      However, using Flattr on every post might violate the non-commercial clause of the Creative Commons license on the strips. Flattr on every post would be cool, but you’d need to ask permission to do so, particularly since the strips are embedded in the posts.

  7. What’s a click bomber

    • Click bombing is when someone — or a script they’re using — (very) repeatedly clicks on pay-per-click ads on someone’s site, to get the site owner’s ad account shut down. Pay-per-click ad servers like Google Ads will lock the account if this happens, in case the account owner — or someone acting on their behalf — is trying to inflate their ad revenue (i.e., click fraud). Andrew put it quite well above, in the second comment.

      Judging by my search results, it seems the best defense is for the account owner to frequently check their ad stats, and report their own account if they see a suspiciously large number of click-throughs, before their account gets locked.

      • I still don’t understand it. Why can’t Google charge the advertisers when click bombing takes place? I’d expect them to say, “Your add has been clicked – give us your money!”

        • Because they are *fake* clicks. If Google allowed and charged advertisers for click bombing, the advertisers would go somewhere else.

          But they could be a bit more… smart about it. Like listen to what their publishers have to say or implement anti-click bombing strategies.

  8. Any chance of allowing us to donate thru a means other than Paypal? I closed my account with them awhile back due to some of their policies. Would love to support you guys, but not sure I want to sign back up with them. Maybe something thru Amazon or someone?

    • If you click the Donate link on the upper right hand side of the page (as opposed to the one in the message) it takes you to a link where you can just enter in your credit card info.

  9. Where do we tell PayPal to send the money? explainATexplainxkcd.com?
    It doesn’t fill in when the PayPal page opens and logs me in.

  10. So it has come to this.

  11. Add a flattr button (https://flattr.com/) and you will get my money. :)

  12. We should perhaps use this joke a little less frequently to keep its effect.

  13. Done. $2………..

  14. Post the xkcd volunteer explanations I sent in MONTHS ago and I’ll think about it. :P

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