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Project for creating national linked open data portal in Sweden

Within a project financed by VINNOVA, researchers from Linköping University, Malmö University, and developers from Metasolutions AB will create a national portal for linked open data in Sweden. The project will also assist SCB (Statistics Sweden) in starting to publish linked data.
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Text harmonization strategies for phrase-base statistical machine translation

Our world has a lot of communication needs across language barriers. International companies and organizations have a great need for translation, and it is common that people would like to read webpages in languages they do not understand. As a support for these tasks, machine translation, that is, automatic translation between natural languages such as English and Swedish, has a major role to play. In a recent PhD thesis at IDA, Sara Stymne presents several methods for improving machine translation.
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Master Thesis Prize awards

Two Master theses examined at IDA have been awarded the best Master thesis prize by the Swedish Computer Society (East) for projects completed in 2011. Ulf Magnusson created a web operating system Awesom-O systematically and minimally atop Linux kernel as part of a project at Opera Software. Mathias Norvall, currently a PhD candidate at the department, studied whether computer games can use only haptic signals available on cheap gamepads, and created the computer game Sightlence. Three other Master students, Magnus Gustafsson, Lovisa Johansson, and Magnus Kronander also received an honourary mention.
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